Thermopure Review

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Thermopure diet pill review

Thermopure from MyProtein is a dietary weight loss supplement that is described by the manufacturer as containing effective thermogenic ingredients as well as ingredients that can counteract some of the side effects of caffeine.

Caffeine is one of the main ingredients in Thermopure and the ingredients in the product itself have supposedly undergone rigorous scientific testing for their effectiveness.

Is Thermopure just another caffeine pill, our Thermopure reviewtakes a more in-depth look at this fat burner.

What is Thermopure

Thermopure contains green tea extract as well as a thermogenic blend of botanical ingredients that all contain caffeine. In addition, Thermopure contains vitamins and amino acids and is administered in a dosage of three capsules per day.

At a cost of approximately $17 USD, Thermopure is one of the cheapest weight loss supplements. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s claims regarding extensive scientific evidence to support any effect of Thermopure are not backed up with hard evidence, so it is difficult to tell to what exactly they are referring too.

Side effects of Thermopure

As Thermopure contains several sources of caffeine, Thermopure side effects can include anxiety and heart palpitations. Caffeine also acts as a natural diuretic, therefore individuals who have any problems with kidney function should avoid this product.

The rest of the ingredients in Thermopure are fairly benign however if you have any allergies to cayenne pepper or raspberries, do not use it.

Should You Buy Thermopure?

The main selling point of Thermopure is the fact that it not only contains stimulants in the form of caffeine, it also contains an amino acid to reduce any nervous effects.

If you are seeking a weight loss product and you want to avoid the effects of stimulants, it would make more sense simply to avoid a product that contains them. This would probably save you even more money than buying this arguably inexpensive product.

We would not recommend Thermopure as will still regard it mostly a caffeine pill and are not confident you will get the weight loss reductions you are after. There is little hard evidence that Thermopure actually works, so why waste your money, even if this is a cheap fat burner.

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