You can blast your belly fat with these 8 amazing exercises for a flat belly – in the comfort of your own home and without any expensive gym equipment! Watch these highly effective workouts and burn your belly fat like never before.

Combine these flat belly exercises with a 7-day flat belly cleanse and snack on some of our recommended fat burning fruits for maximum weight loss and get a flat belly fast.

How Many Calories is 1lb. of Fat?

Before you throw yourself into exercising to get a flat stomach, its good to know what you’re up against. So lets have a look at just how many calories you need to bun to lose just 1 lb. of body fat.

The answer is… 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat.

Therefore, you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you consume, to make a dent in the pounds of fat you want to burn. It’s not as bad as it sounds though – for example, if you break it down you need a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, to lose 1 lb of fat in a week. Controlling the amount of calories you take in, combined with the flat stomach exercises below will help you to burn the fat quicker. Let’s take a look at some flat belly exercises below. Read on after the videos for tips on how to exercise properly and get the most out of your workout.

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7: This home workout is perfect for beginners or as a more gentle warmup

8: Intense 10 minute flat belly exercises that will blast your belly fat

Just going through the repetitions isn’t enough for a quality workout with lasting effects. You must have smart exercising habits! These are the things that you have to remember as you do your exercises.

How to Exercise

Don’t perform your stomach exercises quickly just to get through them. If you do each move slower and with full control you will achieve far better results. Even if doing them slower means that you have to do fewer reps, it will be far more useful to you than just rushing through them. Quality over Quantity! It’s all about getting the proper muscles to do the work and making sure that you aren’t using muscles that allow you to cheat. It isn’t about setting a new world record for repetitions and it isn’t about getting through your assigned reps just so you can be done with them. If you do them wrong, there really isn’t that much of a point to doing them at all.

Smart Exercising Tips

Keep Breathing!
As you are doing ab exercises, you will be contracting your muscles and you will be compelled to hold your breath while doing it. You may not even realize that you are doing it, but when your muscles have continuous tension put on them, you have the tendency to not breathe. But breathing while exercising is very important to making the exercise really matter. Inhale when your muscles relax and exhale when they contract.

Sets AND Reps
You should not exercise by trying to do each specific exercise for as long as you can and to do as many as you can. It is a better practice to break up your exercise repetitions, into sets. If you just try to start and do as many reps as you can, you will not be able to do as many in number or effectiveness as you would if you break them up. You should break it up into even sets of repetitions that you can do, with a break of about a minute rest in between each set. That will give your muscles time to relax and process what you just did, and then you can get back to training them.

How to Exercise BETTER

Before you do ANY exercising, you should properly stretch! I don’t mean touching your toes a couple of times, I mean fully stretching. That means your arms, your legs, your back, your joints, etc. Stretch your body out and loosen it up. If you stretch before exercising you will receive many benefits. First off, you won’t have pain or stiffness while you exercise. But it also makes you profit more from exercising. When you stretch and hold you are getting your blood flowing through you muscles unlike it normally does. That will only help your muscles as you exercise, and it will give you better results.

Warm Up
After you’ve stretched, you should warm up as well. You need to get your heart going at a preliminary level. It can be a bit of a shock to your body if you go from zero to sixty in 3 seconds. It is a good idea to run in place for about a minute to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. This way you won’t feel sluggish or shocked when you start your exercise routine.

Rest to Build Muscle?
Also remember that you should give your body the proper time to recover from your exercise regiment. It isn’t a good idea to do your entire exercise routine every day. I know that you think it will give you quicker results, but it may actually slow the process down. Your body needs time to process the workout it has received, and time to nourish the new muscle mass that you are building.

In fact, the muscle that you build up one day, may not actually take effect until a couple days afterwards because your muscles need time to grow and be nourished. It is usually recommend to only work out every other day, or if you do a super serious work out, every two days. So if you let your body rest for awhile, the next time you start it up again, you will refreshed and ready.

Smart Exercising To Avoid Injury

You can really hurt yourself and cause pain if you aren’t exercising properly. The idea behind smart exercising is to avoid doing anything that will hinder the process of getting into shape. When you’re exercising, you will reach a point where your muscles begin to tire and contract and you feel like you should stop.

You can push yourself beyond that limit, and sometimes that is reasonable. But do NOT push yourself beyond what you can realistically do. If you keep trying to go, even though every muscle in your body says ‘STOP’, then you are risking an injury! Your muscles are only capable of so much.

That is why you exercise them, so that they become stronger. But you cannot do it all at once. Building up muscle is not an overnight occurence, and if you push farther than you can go, then you will possibly strain, tear, or otherwise injure your muscles and body. If you hurt yourself while exercising, you may be out of commission for awhile and not be able to make progress. If you push yourself farther than you can go, you may even be risking serious injury.

When you are exercising, pay attention to your joints. Runners often end up with bad knees or lower back if they don’t do it properly. If you do notice that your joints begin to stiffen or spasm, then you should take a break and stretch some more. Remember to also drink plenty of water, because that will really help your joints. But don’t let your joints tighten up on you. If you continue to have stiffness or joint problems even after exercising, then take a break for a few days and let everything return to normal.

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Discover these 8 simple exercises that will blast your belly fat
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