FlatBellyBible.com welcomes sponsored articles from guest contributors that are relevant and in line with our topics and philosophy (i.e. dieting, weight loss, general health, wellness, exercise, fitness, healthy eating, fat burning, etc).

We accept for consideration good quality, nicely formatted well-written original content (not published elsewhere) that is relevant and a good fit with our existing topics mentioned above. Typically if you supply us a full article we can use, it will be published on the site within 24-48 hours.

Please ensure your article is of publishable quality – we will not publish articles with poorly written English, bad grammar, spelling mistakes etc – equally, we cannot spend hours formatting and correcting mistakes in articles. If it’s not ready-to-publish quality, it will be rejected.

We will let you know when your article is published and send you a link to it. Equally, if a submitted article isn’t something we wish to publish, we will let you know.

Please review these applicable terms and guidelines before submitting articles:

  • Email your full article as an attachment to [email protected] following this format: proposed headline, featured image and your full article (including any images with source links). Word, html, text file/notepad or google docs are the best formats.
  • Sponsored posts/articles are accepted at a cost of $25 USD each – payable via Paypal. Please email us at the above address to confirm your details/total cost.
  • Links in articles you supply are left as do-follow.
  • You must include any royalty-free stock images you wish to use – attach them to your email, and include links to them in your article. A great resource for stock images is Pixabay.
  • There is no specific or minimum article word count required. We’re looking for some entertaining shorter material as well as some “deep dive” articles or series. Content should be the natural length the topic needs to cover it well – not forced and full of ‘fluff’ because of a word count.
  • Do not use underlines or italics in your article – we will format it so it looks good.
  • We are only interested in articles from websites that are relevant to our audience – if your product, site or service is health/diet/fitness/healthy eating/weight loss related then we’re happy to publish your content.
  • We do not accept, review, or respond to proposals to write articles, or to proposals for linking schemes. Only send full articles for review.
  • We reserve the right to shorten, lightly edit, and to change the title.
  • By submitting an article, you agree that we reserve the right to decline your article if it’s not a relevant topic, insufficient quality or just not a good fit for us. We offer no guarantee an article will be published just because you submit it.
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