Dumbbell weights are definitely some of the best pieces of exercise equipment you will ever buy. They make a great addition to your home gym and will usually last for many years to come. In this article, I’ll look at some of the most frequently asked questions about dumbell weights, such as what they are, what types of exercises you can do with them, as well as the different types available.

Dumbell weights come in many different shapes and sizes. You get adjustable weight dumbells, which allow you to adjust the weight according to your requirements. You also get some of them are static, free weights dumbells, which have a fixed weight and cannot be adjusted. Finally, you also get water dumbell weight sets, which are specifically for use in water.

You can also buy lots of accessories to go with your dumbells weight lifting set. These include workout posters, workout benches and dumbell weight racks to store and keep your weights on.

Let’s now look at what a dumbell is, the various benefits of weight training with dumbells and the different types of dumbells you get and also where you can buy them.

Dumbells are probably the simplest, most valuable piece of weight loss fitness equipment you can buy.

What is a dumbell weight?

A dumbell is a piece of exercise equipment that you can use to develop your muscles. It consists of a weighted steel bar with either a metal disk or a round ball attached to either end. It comes in different weight loads, and some of them are adjustable, while others are static and not adjustable. You also get specific dumbells for different purposes, such as water dumbell sets.

Why should you exercise with dumbell weights?

If your aim is to burn body fat or to build muscle, weight training with dumbells is for you. Weight training burns fat, and it increase your metabolism. An increased metabolism means that you burn calories even in your sleep. Regular weight training also strengthens your body, and it protects women against osteoporosis.

By regularly training with weights, you will get a tight, toned body because weight training is the only exercise that has the ability to reshape one’s body.

What are the benefits of training with dumbells and weights?

Weight training has numerous health benefits. The main benefits are:

  • It increases muscular strength and it helps to keep the body strong and lean
  • Weight training helps you burn body fat
  • Regular weight training will also increase your lean muscle mass
  • Increased lean muscle mass leads to a higher metabolism, which increases the amount of calories that your body burns during the day

What muscles can you exercise with a dumbell weights set?

You can perform full body exercises with dumbell weights. This would include exercises for the upper and lower body. Typical exercises includes:

Upper body

  • Shoulders – Side lateral raises
  • Chest – Dumbell flys (need stability ball or workout bench)
  • Triceps – Tricep extension with dumbell weights
  • Biceps – Bicep Curls with dumbells
  • Back – One arm row (need a bench or exercise ball)

Lower Body

  • Hamstrings – Lunges with dumbells
  • Quads – Dumbell Squats
  • Calves – Dumbell calf raises
  • Abs – Dumbell crunch

How heavy should your dumbell weight lifting be?

The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t start off with weights that are too heavy, because you can hurt yourself. But you should also not train with too light dumbell weights as the benefits will decrease, and you’ll take much longer to see results.

If you are a beginner, experience with different weight loads, until you get the right weight load for you. The weight is too heavy if you have to jerk the weight up or if you can barely lift it. And it is too light if you don’t feel the effort. I would suggest that you buy adjustable weight dumbells, as you can adjust the weight load according to your needs as you progress.

Once you have found your starting weight load, make sure to write your weight amount down, so that you can adjust the weights as you advance. Your lower body weight should normally be heavier than your upper body weights.

What types of weights and dumbells do you get?

There are various types of dumbell weights available these days. Some of these include:

Free weights dumbells

This is type of weight can’t be adjusted according to weight load. This mean that you should buy different types of weights to exercise different body areas and that you would have to buy new weights as you progress and get stronger.

A few of the most popular types are:

Adjustable weight dumbells

These are my favourite types of weights, as you can adjust the weight load as you progress and grow stronger. Because of this, one set of adjustable dumbells will usually hold you a long time, even forever. The most popular types of adjustable dumbell weights are:

Best of the best: Bowflex adjustable dumbells.


The Bowflex dumbell weights can be adjusted by just a turn of the dial. Their weights ranges from 5-52 lbs. The adjustable Bowflex Dumbells are pretty much the best of the best.


Water dumbbell weights

Water dumbells are used to add extra resistance to your in-water workout. With these types of weights you van usually control the resistance you want to add. The more popular water weights include:

More info about the different types of dumbell sets:

Let’s look at the different types of dumbell sets that there are in order to help you make the right choice.

Neoprene dumbell sets

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that resists aging and it is also used in the make of waterproof products. Neoprene dumbell sets have some of the best grips of all dumbell weights.

Rubber dumbells set

Rubber dumbell sets are not used that often as some people may be allergic to it and it may also not have as a good grip as the neoprene dumbell sets.

Cast iron dumbell set

Cast Iron is very resistance to wear and tear and deformation so it is one of the strongest dumbells along with the chrome dumbells. If you want to invest in a good pair of dumbells that will last, a cast iron dumbell set may be perfect for you.

Chrome dumbell set

Chrome is known to be corrosion resistant, so a Chrome dumbell set is also a good choice for durability.

Adjustable dumbell sets

These weights can be adjustable, so you will only need one pair. Most of these adjustable dumbell sets can adjust with the turn of a switch.

What accessories do you get for dumbell weights?

You don’t need fancy accessories to exercise with weights, but dumbell accessories can improve your workout and the pleasure you get out of their use. If you need an accessory to do your exercises on, you can either use an exercise ball to perform your workouts or you can use a weight workout bench. You also get different types of dumbell racks to store your weights on, which are very nice, especially if you are planning to get non-adjustable weights.

The different workout benches you get include:

  • Flat bench with or without rack
  • Adjustable benches
  • Weight benches (usually comes with a barbell rack)

You also get racks to store your dumbbell weights on, the come in different shapes and sizes including:

  • The A-line dumbell rack
  • Exercise bench with rack
  • Upright dumbell rack and
  • Horizontal dumbell rack

Other accesories include:

  • Weight training posters
  • Workout DVDs and videos.

Where can I buy my dumbell weights set?

There are various place where you can buy dumbell weights, but Amazon usually have the best deals. Check out some of the following:


Weight training with dumbells is one of the best exercises you can do to burn body fat and to boost your metabolism. It will also help you to build a strong and lean body. And because they last such a long time, they are a great investment.

If you do decide to invest in dumbbell weights, I would highly recommend to go for adjustable weight dumbells, as they allow you to adjust the weight load as you progress. But whether you exercise with dumbells or not, the important thing to do is to exercise regularly and to eat healthy fat burning foods. Your life might well depend on it. Remember, if you stay motivated and dedicated to achieving your fitness goals, you will be sure to succeed!

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