Every woman (and some men, too) that has them, hates them – those ripples, dips, and dimples on their thighs, hips, and butt. This is cellulite, a.k.a. cottage cheese thighs. Cellulite can settle in, regardless of body weight or fitness level. On some you can barely see it, yet on others it’s very evident.

What is Cellulite

  • It’s that dimpling skin that looks like orange peel.
  • It can be found on the thighs, butt and even the tummy.
  • Slim women can have it too.
  • No miracle cure but there are things you can do… see below

It is an accumulation of fat, fluid and toxins trapped into a hardened network of elastin and collagen fibres in the deeper levels of your skin. Try squeezing some of the skin on upper thigh and if it looks lumpy, you have it. The skin might also look whiter and feel colder than the rest of the body.

Research shows that the majority of women develop some form of cellulite as they age, and some researchers claim as much as 99% of all women develop some cellulite after 30.

What is cellulite and how to get rid of it.

What are the causes?

Poor diet, stress and lack of exercise, hereditary factors, and hormones seem to play a factor in whether or not you have cellulite. Hormones seem to be a factor because men almost don’t get cellulite!

Some researchers believe that cellulite is genetic, while others will tell you that cellulite is caused by eating too much fat, not exercising enough, having poor circulation, collecting toxins in your body, or maybe all of the above.

All muscles in the body are covered with a padding of fatty, connective tissue, which varies in thickness, and is surrounded by a liquid – supplying this “covering” with nourishing and removing waste products.

This fatty tissue is held in place by a network of fibers, and when the system works well, all waste products are removed from this system – resulting in smooth body curves.

When the waste removal system start to fail, waste products start building up, and the connective tissue becomes saturated with liquid, which then thickens and hardens – forming hard pockets that puff up to produce the “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” effect.

Cellulite sometimes happens after pregnancy, (or being on birth control pills) when the system is flooded with estrogen, or after a traumatic experience, since it interferes with blood circulation, or it can be simple toxin buildup – as listed above.

Although largely a feminine problem, men can also have cellulite – most commonly on their stomach, butt and neck areas.

How can I get rid of cellulite?

Increase your exercise and watch the diet. Avoid sugary snacks and instead reach for fat burning fruits and fat burning foods.

Drink lots of water to cleanse your system and flush the toxins from your body cells.

Avoid coffee and switch to herbal teas. Fruit juices are better than soda too.

If you are into aromatherapy, blend a couple of drops of your favorite into a carrier oil like almond for example and GENTLY massage this into the area in question on a daily basis.

It will take about 4-6 weeks before you see any results so don’t expect to see results on the first day and don’t expect to see 100% of it disappear. I don’t think we could be this lucky but you can improve things to a great degree.

Vitamin C has been recommended by cellulite researchers.

Swimming is great as is walking and any stretching exercises.

Weight training and exercise. Some fitness gurus claim that weight training and exercise (combined with proper eating) will put a healthy layer of muscle underneath the fat that can eventually replace the fat.

Proper eating. Cutting down on excess fat and eliminating toxins from your body may or may not cure cellulite, but it is probably good for you anyway.

Brushes, massages, creams. Others encourage “brushing” your legs and massaging them daily to provided added circulation, sometimes in combination with thigh creams.

Unfortunately, cellulite is one of those things that women have to face. But rather than hopelessly sitting around and watching the bumps multiply, why not fight back? The tools you need are right at your fingertips and only take a few minutes each day. A little exercise, whole organic foods, a stimulating massage, a proven cream – fighting cellulite could be worse.

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