To ensure that your body is balanced, healthy, and slim, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet. This is a diet in which you do not eat too much of one type of food and where you exercise regularly.

Different types of food can help us in a healthy way to get a slim and curvy body, as long as we also exercise. In this article, we provide some suggestions so that you can prepare daily meals with foods that will help you get a slim and curvy body. But what exactly you mean by a slim and curvy body? It’s just simple. A slim and curvy body means that a woman with lean and balanced weight with fats needed in essential body parts such as breasts and buttock.


Protein in your diet is vital

When we talk about the health of our muscles, we must first emphasize the importance of protein. With that said, we need to know which types of food are best for us in that regard.

In addition to good for the muscles, proteins are also helpful in weight loss. The nutrient can ensure that you get a slimmer waist. These are the ingredients for a tight body.

Red meat

Lean grass fed steak

The proteins in red meat will ensure that your muscle mass increases the fastest. However, it is important to eat red meat in moderation because this type of meat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Once a week is enough.

White meat

White meat

White meat is a good alternative if you are more interested in tight and firm muscles instead of more muscle mass.


Fish – the right kind of fat you should be eating more of

Both fatty fish and white fish are very rich in proteins, although white fish naturally contain much less fat.


Eggs are a great weight loss super food

Eggs are the good source of protein. So you can, for example, make an omelette from two eggs daily.

Milk and dairy products

Drink skim milk to help burn fat.

We recommend low-fat dairy products that you can combine with a little honey or olive oil. Kwark is a good example of this.

Legumes (beans)

Legumes are great for your overall health

Legumes are a source of superior vegetable proteins. It is not at all expensive and super healthy. If you usually avoid eating beans because they cause intestinal gas, we recommend that you prepare the beans in the future with cumin.

You can even puree them to make a delicious cream. If you also combine legumes with grains such as brown rice, then you really get a complete source of proteins.


Walnuts, almonds and seeds

It is healthiest to eat nuts raw or roasted, as long as they are not baked or salted. Nuts are also available in the form of vegetable drinks or mixed in different types of spreads.


Mushroom are a great source of nutrients

The vegetable proteins in mushrooms are very healthy and ensure that it is excellent to add this delicious food to salads, rice, pasta or stir-fry.

Algae (seaweed)

Spirulina (algae) is widely considered to be a superfood

When it comes to algae, we especially recommend spirulina, which you can safely consume every day.


Fats are essential for our body. However, if we want to prevent fat from accumulating, which can affect your body figure, we should eat fewer saturated fats and instead consciously opt for healthy fats such as:

  • Good vegetable oils like olive, coconut, sesame, flax seed, evening primrose, wheat germ oil etc.
  • Nuts like macadamia, hazelnuts, peanuts or almonds
  • Avocados is a great fruit that is rich in healthy fats.
  • Seeds like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds etc.


The food below contains the carbohydrates that you can best eat to get a firm and tight body:

  • Fresh and seasonal fruit
  • Cooked or raw vegetables, for example in salads, smoothies or juices etc.
  • Whole grain cereals: rice, quinoa or wheat.
  • Whole grain flour (not too much)
  • Starch: potatoes, bananas.

Use of supplements for a curvy and slim figure

For health reasons, we always recommend that you consider taking one or more suitable supplements. These supplements have the capacity to turn your figure into a perfect shape. Supplements for breast enlargement and buttock enhancement have shown proven results to provide a perfectly shaped figure. Although you cannot expect weight loss from these supplements, some of them might help in shedding fats from specific areas.

This post was written with the help and expertise of Gloria Richard. Gloria is a professional Beauty & Fitness consultant and an avid Nutritionist. She has helped thousands of women find their lost Figure, Curves, Confidence and Health with her vital advices on Health, Nutrition, Right Supplements  and Workouts. Check out her content at

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