There are several things that the weight loss industry is not telling you – nor do they want you to know.

Their business is booming thanks to all the fads, gadgets and pills out there that they are selling to people desperate to lose weight. Unfortunately, the only thing in most cases that is getting lighter is peoples’ wallets.

There are literally hundreds of diet industry scams. From all natural pills that do nothing aside from rob your bank account, to ridiculous slimming waist bands, foot patches and stuff you sprinkle on your food (magic pixie dust?) the diet industry is always coming up with new miracle fat loss ideas to sell to you.

The simple fact is that all of these products have a couple of things in common – they’re very well-marketed, they’re expensive and they really don’t work. Most diet products are nothing short of a scam – you’ve probably seen all the ads for Acai berry, colon cleansers, green coffee bean and many others. You’ll burn more fat with these 8 fruits than any supplement!

Even the more mainstream diet books make ridiculous claims about how you’ll lose 50lbs in a week, just while you sit on the couch reading the book. Most of these things simply do not work, and only a tiny percentage of people buying into one of them manage to lose the weight and an even tinier percentage actually keep it off.

Some of These Industry Secrets Include:

Most weight loss product ads deceive the buyer. A majority of the weight loss products you hear about on the radio and see on infomercials don’t even do what they claim to. Even so, consumers are lured into buying these products with promises like “Lose the weight and keep it off”, “Eat whatever you want” and “no diet or exercise required”. Basically, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Just because they say it’s “scientifically proven” or “doctor-endorsed” doesn’t mean it works. These claims are typical as well, but they never tell you anything about where the studies were made or by who so that you can check out the validity for yourself.

And what does it really mean anyway? Often these so-called health professionals have a financial interest in the product, and probably did not review the scientific evidence. If it was reviewed, they may not have even used acceptable review standards. Why would you want to risk your health on such a thing?

  • Just because the government allows a product to be on the market does not mean it is safe for consumers or that it does what it claims. There is a huge misconception that the government would not allow a product on the market if it could potentially be harmful to you. People tend to think that the government has to pre-approve them first, but many times that is not the case.
  • Products toted as ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ are not guaranteed safe. People also assume that just because a product is made of natural ingredients means it must be safe as well. But until the FDA receives evidence that a product is harmful, the companies are free to put their products on the market.
  • Not everything you hear is true, and you shouldn’t believe it. There are plenty of products that claim to do things that they just do not, and you should steer away from products making high and lofty claims.
  • Don’t buy into the claims of fad diets, either. Anything that requires sudden and radical changes to your eating patterns is very difficult to sustain over time. They will send you into a quick cycle of weight loss which is always followed by a rebound period where you gain the weight back and then some in certain instances once you’re normal eating resumes.
  • Plus, the next time you try to take the weight off, it makes it all that much more difficult. There are no health benefits to these diets, and if any one of them worked, do you really think there would be the need for new ones?
  • You also can not count on the money back guarantee. You have about as good of a chance on getting your money back as having the product actually do what it claims to.
  • There is also no quick fix or magic pill that will help you to finally lose weight. If the product is making such claims, you can just about guarantee that they won’t work.

Unfortunately at our expense, the weight-loss industry is booming with it’s mass- marketing of bogus ineffective, instant-results, fat-loss products. People pour tens of millions of dollars into this industry thinking they will get the results advertised. But truth be told, there is no such thing as instant results nor do these diet fads truly work.

Only one thing works in life and that is hard-work! But it’s not anywhere near as hard as you think. It’s a case of seeing through hype and forcing yourself to accept reality as it is and to then go forward with a positive attitude and make an effort.

A simple diet and basic fat burning exercise can net you unbelievable results! Most people tend to quit when they don’t see results right away but it takes time for results to happen as nothing is immediate.

This is where willpower is required, to help you stay on track. If you can stay focused on your goal to lose weight and get in shape, you will succeed.

The Flat Belly Bible is laid out to help you achieve those goals. Simply keep your eyes on the prize, stay focused, maintain a positive attitude and watch the weight come off!

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