No-Carbohydrate and Low-Carbohydrate diets have been a fad for a long time now. Such diets have many inherent dangers. The no carb diet is especially dangerous for you, your body has to have carbohydrates to survive, your body needs fuel to live.

Of course drastically reducing carb intake will in fact cause your body to drop some weight, but this weight won’t stay off. Same if you drastically lowered calories, you will see a short term weight loss, but as soon as you go back to eating “normal” you will pile the pounds right back on, and often times more, because you did damage to your metabolism.

The National Academies Institute of Medicine reports that with such a radical deprival of carbohydrates is harmful to your health for many reasons. Granted, carbs from enriched foods such as white bread or white rice, sugary snacks and processed foods are definitely harmful, yet there are many foods containing lots of carbs that are very beneficial.

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If you’re consuming carbohydrates, you’re testosterone level stays high, which is a hormone beneficial to muscle strength and loss of excessive fat. If you’re on a low or no carb diet and exercising, cortisol levels go up.

This is a harmful hormone that is released when you’re feeling stressed. It has also been linked to weight gain from increased fat in the abdominal and hip areas of your body.

Furthermore, the high cortisol level weakens the immune system and contributes to depression.

Healthy Carbohydrates in Food

Carbs in food have been misunderstood for years, thanks to a plethora of low carb and no carb diet crazes. Many scientific studies proove that foods on our good carbs list are an essential part of a nutritious diet. These healthy carbohydrates give you:

• Energy fuel for physical activity,
• The nutrition needed for ideal health,
• And the nutrients necessary for healthy brain function.

Most of the good carbs are healthy high fiber foods that help you to:

• Lose weight
• Lower cholesterol
• Prevent constipation
• Reduce triglyceride levels
• Carry toxins out of your body
• Avoid or even reverse diabetes
• Maintain stable blood sugar levels
• Decrease your risk of heart disease
• And have much better sustained energy

Your best good carbs sources are from this healthy carbohydrates list:

• Raw and lightly steamed vegetables
• Legumes, beans, nuts and seeds
• High fiber 100% whole grains
• Raw, whole, fresh fruits
• Most low fat dairy

*See below for a full listing of healthy carbs

The Unhealthy Carbohydrates – List of Bad Carbs

Bad carbohydrate foods have been highly refined and processed, removing the majority of fiber and nutritional value. Plus, bad carbs are often loaded with unhealthy additives, preservatives and high-calorie fats.

Scientific studies show that unhealthy carbohydrate foods contribute to:

• Gaining weight
• Heart disease
• Alzheimer’s
• Diabetes
• Arthritis
• Stroke

And carbs are also linked to many other health problems that are skyrocketing all around the world. The “bad” unhealthy carbohydrate foods list includes:

• Sodas
• Candies
• All pastries
• Jams and jellies
• Fruit juices and drinks
• Refined grains, like white rice
• Bread and pasta with refined flour
• Most pudding, custards and other sweets
• Cakes, cookies and any sweet bakery products

Bad carbs are high glycemic foods that cause rapid sugar absorption, creating high and low blood sugar swings. But low glycemic healthy carbohydrates absorb slowly and help stabilize blood sugar.

By including healthy carbohydrates into your diet, you will not only feel and look better in time, but it’s been proven that a diet with such carbohydrates will cut the risk of cancer and heart disease.

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By eating the whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, your blood sugar level stays steady, and you will have sufficient energy all day long. Although the fiber in vegetables isn’t digested, it has a profound beneficial effect on your entire body.

(Carb grams for most packaged foods can be found on the label.)

Black beans1/4 cup dry23
Black beans1/2 cup cooked18
Garbanzo beans1/4 cup dry28
Garbanzo (Chickpeas)1/2 cup cooked18
Kidney beans1/4 cup dry29
Kidney beans1/2 cup cooked20
Lentils1/4 cup dry28
Lentils1/2 cup cooked20
Lima Beans1/4 cup dry22
Lima Beans1/2 cup cooked20
Navy Beans1/4 cup dry32
Navy Beans1/2 cup cooked29
Pinto Beans1/4 cup dry29
Pinto Beans1/2 cup cooked22
Soybeans1/4 cup dry13
Soybeans1/2 cup cooked9
Split Peas1/4 cup dry26
Split Peas1/2 cup cooked21
Blue cheese1 oz0.7
Cheddar cheese1 oz0.4
Cottage cheese, 2% fat1/2 cup4
Egg1 extra large1
Feta cheese1 oz1
Milk, 1% fat1 cup8
Milk, fat-free1 cup13
Mozzarella cheese1 oz0.8
Parmesan cheese1 Tbsp.0.2
Provolone cheese1 oz0.6
Ricotta cheese1/2 cup6
Swiss cheese1 oz1
Yogurt, low-fat1 cup17
Yogurt, fat-free1 cup18
Apple5 oz21
Apricot3 (4 oz ea.)12
Avocado1/2 (3 oz)7
Blackberries1 cup18
Blueberries1 cup21
Cantaloupe1 cup13
Cranberries1/2 cup6
Grapefruit1/2 (4 oz)10
Grapes1 cup16
Guava1 (3 oz)11
Kiwi1 (2-1/2 oz)11
Mango1/2 (3-1/2 oz)18
Nectarine1 (5 oz)16
Orange1 (4-1/2 oz)15
Papaya1/2 (5-1/2 oz)15
Peach1 (3-1/2 oz)10
Pear1 (6 oz)25
Pineapple1 cup19
Raspberries1 cup14
Strawberries1 cup11
Tangerine1 (3 oz)9
Watermelon1 cup12
Almonds1 oz6
Brazil nuts1 oz4
Cashews1 oz9
Coconut, raw1 oz4
Macadamia nuts1 oz4
Peanuts1 oz6
Pecans1 oz5
Pistachios1 oz7
Pumpkin seeds1 oz5
Sesame seeds1 Tbsp.1
Sunflower1 oz5
Walnuts1 oz3
Alfalfa sprouts, raw1/2 cup1
Asparagus1/2 cup cooked4
Butterhead lettuce1 cup raw2
Broccoli1/2 cup cooked4
Brussels Sprouts1/2 cup cooked7
Cabbage1/2 cup cooked4
Carrot1 (2-1/2 oz)7
Cauliflower3 florets3
Celery1/2 cup diced2
Chinese Cabbage1/2 cup cooked2
Chili Peppers1 Tbsp.1
Corn (sweet)1 ear19
Cucumber5 oz raw4
Edamame, fresh soybeans1/2 cup raw14
Edamame1/4 cup cooked10
Eggplant1/2 cup cooked3
Garlic1 clove1
Ginger Root1 Tbsp. raw1
Green Bell Peppers1/2 cup raw3
Iceberg Lettuce1-1/2 cups raw3
Mushrooms1/2 cup cooked4
Okra1/2 cup cooked6
Onions1/2 cup cooked7
Radishes1/2 cup raw2
Red Bell Peppers1/2 cup raw3
Red Cabbage1/2 cup cooked4
Romaine lettuce1-1/2 cups raw2
Scallions1/2 cup raw4
Spinach1/2 cup cooked3
Swiss Chard1/2 cup cooked4
Zucchini1/2 cup cooked4
Bread, whole wheat1 slice14
Bread, multi grain1 slice17
Oatmeal, cooked1 cup25
Pancake, buckwheat mix1/3 cup (3 cakes)33
Pancake, whole grain mix1/3 cup (3 cakes)28
Pasta, whole wheat1 cup cooked37
Popcorn, popped3-1/2 cups19
Rice, basmati brown1/4 cup dry31
Rice, brown1/4 cup dry33
Rice, brown1/2 cup cooked22
Rice, wild1/2 cup cooked18
Rye bread1 slice15
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