Vitamin E has long been known to have an important role in the all over health of the body. Some studies have associated sufficient intake levels with the prevention of many serious health problems, and research still continues to delve into the many effects of this important nutrient.

One thing that researchers do know for sure, according to recent studies published by the United States Department of Agriculture, most people do not consume the daily requirement of this important vitamin.

Vitamin E protects Vitamin A in the body, allowing it to perform its essential functions. Furthermore, Vitamin E is also one of the anti-oxidants that serve to protect the cells of the body from the damaging free radicals, which are waste products from the making of energy.

Uncontrolled free radicals are thought to contribute to a variety of serious diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Vitamin E is also thought to have a role in DNA repair and in the body’s natural immune system.

It is important to note here that vitamins, minerals and other nutrients play important roles in the body at the correct levels of intake, meaning that more is not always better. Mega-dosing is something that should always be discussed with a physician, not a salesperson.

Supplements can play a vital role in making sure that the body receives the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong, as well as in the protection of the body from the numerous diseases and health problems associated with the failure to consume the proper daily intake levels of important vitamins and minerals.

But, like any other medicine, using supplements inappropriately can be dangerous.

As many people pay attention to reducing fats in their diets, they may unwittingly be reducing their daily intake of Vitamin E, as Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils and nuts, as it is in dark, leafy green vegetables.

Maintaining optimum levels of health means that we must be honest with ourselves. We know that there are certain foods we should eat – such as fresh vegetables and fruits. But, often we do not, pressed by time or simple through a lack of desire, many of us simply do not consume near enough of these important foods.

In these circumstances, supplements may be the best choice to ensure that the body gets what it needs to be strong and healthy.

There are many types of supplements on the market. Understanding what you are looking for will help you to make the best decision about which supplement is best for your individual dietary needs. Vitamin E supplements primarily come in two general types, natural and pharmaceutical.

The natural is usually listed on the label as alpha-tocopheryl acetate D-form, while the man-made type is listed as D,L. The man-made version is half as effective as the natural compound.

Dietary supplements are powerful agents, valuable tools in guarding the health of the body and can offer significant protection against illness and disease. These powerful tools should be used with care and attention.

Supplementing the diet with Vitamin E can play an important role in your daily health routine, when used correctly, at the levels most suited to your individual dietary and health needs.

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