Health is important, and maintaining a balance within your body, not only on the inside but on the outside too is extremely dire to all normal bodily functioning. Illness can come to us all but there are many ways in which you can fortify your body and keep sickness down to a bare minimum, believe it or not. The ways in which to do this are not really secrets as they are natural, healthy habits that just become everyday actions of healthy people.

For instance, though strength training and fitness is important, you don’t want to go work out when you aren’t feeling your best because this alone can bring on sickness. It can actually do right the reverse of what you think it can; it can weaken your immune system and cause more serious illness in the end.

So, thinking logically, and weighing your own mental and physical stability, this is the first step in ensuring that you stay healthy and maintain that.

How to stay healthy and not get sick so often

You’ll see that there are limitless ways to keeping yourself at the best you can be, and these ways aren’t as difficult as they might appear. More often than not, it all begins once again with your nutrition. Taking in the proper food sources and not consuming things that are high in bad fats and preservatives can make a huge difference for you in the long scheme of things.

This body of work will give you 10 tips on how you can stay healthy. These are very easy to incorporate into your life, without any instance of depriving yourself of good, wholesome eating.

1. Make sure you get Proper Rest

Many people are sleep deprived and think nothing of it, however, a lack of this important activity does catch up to you; both mentally and physically. A lack of sleep will lower your productivity on your job, and will rob you of being able to give it your all in the gym as well. It also interrupts your natural serotonin levels and can cause mood swings do to these imbalances.

Furthermore, when your body lacks proper rest then it can’t recuperate from the day’s activities properly. Your immune system can become frail which leads to the inability of being able to ward off viruses and bacteria’s that make you ill. Now, when you take in at least 8 hours of snoozes every night then your body will reach a perfect harmonious balance and you’ll feel at your best. This is of course one of the first steps to staying healthy.

2. Proper Sanitizing to stay Healthy and Well

Just as important as getting enough sleep, keeping your home safe and sanitary, and free from germs will help in keeping you well and happy. So, in this respect you want to wash your hands regularly, and you want to use the proper antibacterial cleaners too. Believe it or not, your home can be an actual nest for all types of bacteria, especially your bathroom and kitchen. These areas need to be wiped down regularly to keep germs at bay. When you are out and about you can carry sanitation wipes with you to wipe off buggy handles and your own hands.

You also need to remember to wash your hands before you eat out in public. Hand to mouth bacteria is extremely high, and is one of the main ways that people do get sick. Also try and remember to cover your own mouth when you sneeze or cough too, that way you want pass your germs on to others. It is a fact, indirect transmission of germs spreads sickness, so just try and be more aware of this. Of course, there are numerous other ways but these mentioned are clearly important in staying well.

3. Limit your Alcohol Intake

Some alcoholic beverage is fine on an occasional basis, but when it comes to the time of year where cold and flu viruses are abundant, it is recommended that you minimize your alcohol consumption. The reasoning is something that very few are aware of.

Liquor actually weakens the immune system, and normally bars are just loaded with all types of germs and unfriendly bacteria you wouldn’t want to visually see. When you drink more than one or two alcoholic beverages you put your immune system at threat, and therefore your good health as well. This might be a difficult one to wrap your mind around, but it is legitimate.

4. Stay Hydrated for Health

Since the human body consists of 60% water, it only makes sense that staying hydrated properly can minimize your risk of becoming ill. When you stay hydrated you assist your body in maintaining the proper harmony in cellular functioning. This allows nutrients to get where they are supposed to without a problem.

It also helps to flush out excess toxins that enter into our systems through our pores and blood stream. The average adult needs at a minimum 64 ounces of water a day to keep from becoming dehydrated, so shoot for this amount on a consistent basis for optimal health. Here’s some of the benefits drinking more water can have on your health and how it can help you lose weight.

5, Consume Brightly Colored Fruits and Vegetables

Bright colored fruits and vegetables are well known to provide excellent vitamins and minerals, not to mention how they boost the body’s immunity to disease. These are filled with antioxidants that keep up your vitality, and blanket your body in health. The body really deals with a great deal, and unbeknownst to most, every day your immune system is in a constant battle to keep you healthy. When you fuel it properly then you’re aiding in this battle.

These fruits and vegetables give your immune system every vitamin and mineral it needs to work at top efficiency for you and your health. Check out our full fat burning foods list and our recommended fruits that burn belly fat.

Items such as: eggplant, artichoke, okra, grapefruit, cabbage; yellow and red peppers, cayenne peppers, those items which stand out hold the most nutrients. With these you’re arming yourself correctly, and can beat out sickness before it can get you down.

6. Exercise 4 Times a Week

Exercise does boost your immune system when you’re healthy. Trying to get in a least four sessions a week is the recommended amount, and also aerobic exercise is some of the best because it gets your heart beat up and pushes nutrient rich blood all through the body.

Exercising also encourages the reduction of molecules which lead to inflammatory conditions within the body that weaken the immune system. When you can reduce these then you improve your health by leaps and bounds. Check out our flat belly exercises you can do at home and our recommended fat burning exercises.

7. Quit Sharing Personal Items with Others

This is pretty simplistic in design, but people seem to forget about it all the time. Sharing the same Coca-Cola during the movie, or sharing that bucket of popcorn can pass germs back and forth to one another. It is the same thing if you eat off the other end of the sandwich, the germs are still present.

When you pass germs such as this you spread bacteria, bacteria that could have been kept at bay. Not only are you spreading bacteria but viral germs that can make you very ill are released as well. The simply way to avoid getting sick from this is to just not share personal items; and definitely not your food items.

8. Keep your Hands Away from your Face

There is no doubt that every one of us touches are face way too much in a single day, nearly hundreds of times. The face happens to be a cease pool for germs so when you go touching it, your spreading these icky germs to other parts of your body. This is exactly where germs like to enter too, due to the multiple orifices, specifically the mouth and nasal cavity. Even the eye sockets can be nurturing areas for germs to gather.

You might not even be aware that the common flu virus often enters the body through the face. The best way to avoid this is again, steer clear of touching your face so much, and quit meddling with your eyes, nose, ears, and putting your hands near your mouth. Just put simply, leave your hands down!

9. Stay Consistent with Washing your Hands

It is very important to keep your hands clean, especially with all you come into contact with in a single day. Washing your hands on a consistent basis can lower your chances of contracting serious colds and the common flu. When you keep your hands clean, and you use the proper cleaning products you are safeguarding your health in more ways than you can realize.

Whether you just worked out at the gym, were on a hiking excursion, or just sat down for dinner, keep those hands properly cleaned by washing them for at least 15 seconds before ever touching your face. It is okay to substitute this for hand bacterial items, but doing so too often can cause immunity to these, to the point where they aren’t even effective.

10. Be Happy and Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

Keeping a positive mood has been proven to boost your immune system and keep you healthy. Happy people very rarely get sick, and when they do their immune system combats the illness in a way to where they aren’t down and out too long. On the other hand, depression, and negative moods can weaken the immune system and make it vulnerable to the tiniest of germs.

Stress causes weight gain as well – so if you’re stressed and trying to lose weight, you’re going to have an even harder time.

When you combine all of these factors together you can see how a person can get sick relatively easy because very few people follow these ten basic steps to stay healthy; they simply forget. Once you get into a pattern of doing what is right for you and your body, you’ll see big changes, changes that you can really be proud of. When years go by and you still are healthy as a horse…well, you will certainly know why!

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