A common question many people have is how to burn belly fat.  They see the ads on TV and expect there be a simple, immediate way to just isolate and burn belly fat.  But the reality is there is no miracle way to spot reduce fat from a particular region of the body.  You can build muscle in the belly yes, but fat loss must occur on the body as a whole.

Almost everyone feels the need to slim down, and most people become obsessed with the latest diet touted in the media regardless of whether it’s healthy or not. While fad diets come and go, truly sustainable fat burn, including burning belly fat, only happens when a person has chosen to become healthier through proper nutrition (fruits that burn belly fat) and exercise (flat belly exercises).

Instead of focusing on a scale number outcome, successful, long lasting weight loss is accomplished when viewed as part of a healthier lifestyle process. To test this principle, consider how to burn fat by a holistic, healthy approach.

Focus on Nutrition, Not Calories
The best way to burn belly fat is to throw out the calorie counter and become a disciple of the food pyramid. Basically, the food pyramid restricts saturated fats to just a smidgen a day, and emphasizes vegetables, fruits, and whole grains above all else. Protein should be consumed in only 2-3 ounce servings, and meat can be easily substituted with chick peas, beans, or tofu. Indulge in as many varieties of vegetables as possible especially those considered fat burning foods, and add natural fruits as snacks. Instead of feeling deprived, most people feel less hungry and energized. Ironically, overall calorie counts per day do indeed matter but by focusing on nutrition, your daily calories will naturally be reduced simply by eating healthier foods.

Water Is Your Friend
For your test week, skip the sodas and sugary juices in favor of good old water. Not only will water help you feel satiated, but your body will become naturally hydrated. Since hydration helps the brain receive the message that you are not hungry, it will reduce your cravings. Water also helps keep your digestive system working at maximum efficiency which is important for weight loss.  As always, about 64 ounces of water a day is a healthy recommendation. If you want something a little more interesting, try adding freshly squeezed juices or spices like ginger to your water – check out these 6 fat burning drinks.

Eat Frequently
It may sound funny to someone trying to lose weight in a week but numerous studies have shown that eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day is much more effective at burning fat than eating three larger meals. By eating smaller meals more frequently you are essentially providing your body a steady stream of fuel that it can readily use at the time of digestion and thus significantly reduces the need to store it as fat. By eating more often, your metabolism will also be kept high throughout the day; an important factor for caloric burn.

Use Natural Supplements
Anyone following the food pyramid will receive recommended daily vitamins and minerals, but it doesn’t hurt to use natural supplements in moderation. Though this step isn’t vital, if you decide to do it, find a multivitamin that has no coloring, gluten, or fructose added and take one a day. Green tea used three times a day also has known nutritional benefits and helps the body burn fuel more efficiently through the EGCG contained within it. If your tea needs a bit of sweetening, add a drop or two of honey.

Reduce Stress Levels
Though reducing stress is easier said than done, stress is a known contributor to weight gain. Not only does it drive a lot of people to over indulge, but it forces the body to release hormones that are detrimental for a lot of reasons, weight loss being one of them. Do a little research into meditation or relaxation techniques and make sure to incorporate daily sessions. Meditation is effective because it can be used any where – even at work. You’ll just look as if you’re really focusing in on your tasks! Don’t ignore stress reduction recommendations since stress has seriously negative impacts on health. Regular exercise is also a great stress buster, not to mention it burns calories.

Walk, Don’t Run
Okay, you can run if you choose to, but find an easy and enjoyable type of activity that will help your body burn up unwanted calories. For those who are more than moderately overweight, swimming or walking activities are recommended. Recent research shows that even two sets of 20 minute periods of walking a day will do wonders for your health and waistline. Whenever possible, choose to walk or bicycle to a destination, instead of going by car. It might take you a little longer to get there but you’d be pretty amazed at how fast you can lose weight just by walking more often.

Knowing how to burn stomach fat and then following through with it has never been easy, but it’s a lot more possible when viewed as a start to healthier life. The exciting thing is that by changing the way you live and eat will not only help you to burn belly fat fast but for the rest of your life as well. So do yourself a favor and decide to take action now.

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