People everywhere are trying to make a living, but it’s unfortunate that some of those people do so by taking advantage of vulnerable victims. Weight loss is a topic of controversy because there are so many contradicting claims regarding weight loss techniques and results. The fact is, you can’t lose weight overnight, despite what some companies tell you.

This article is designed to warn you of specific weight loss scams out there that aren’t there to help you lose pounds of body fat, but instead take money out of your wallet. Also, this information should help you better know how to find weight loss pills that work.

How You Can Spot a Scam

When you purchase a product, keep in mind that you are buying a weight loss supplement, not the advertising that goes into it. Never get sucked into a commercial or webpage that claims to give you miraculous results. Despite what the commercial says, you will most likely not look like their model simply by taking their diet pill. In fact, a rule of thumb should be, if you feel you are being sold on a product and not its results, it’s most likely a phony product.

Look for proven results and try and determine who did testing and when it was done. If no testing was done on an ingredient, find out why it’s even included in the product. If an ingredient does have studies to back it up, it’s usually not hard to find the results.

Phony Product Examples

Weight loss products come in all shapes and sizes, not just diet pills. From books to DVDs, from tummy belts to lip gloss (no joke), weight loss products exist everywhere. Here are just a few examples of weight loss scams that are still around today.


Mentioned above, this weight loss product is a lip gloss designed to burn fat. It utilizes the ingredient, hoodia, to provide weight loss results. According to their own research, THINgloss emits an aroma that enters the nose and travels to the brain. The brain then releases hormones that promote appetite suppression. No official studies have been done to prove this unique and apparently bogus weight loss technique.

Eat Right 4 Your Type

This book focuses on your blood type. According to the author, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, your weight depends on your genetics and blood type. The funny thing is, his theory has been around since the 1990s, yet nobody is catching on to the same method. “Eat Right 4 Your Type” is just one book n a series that all focus on one thing, your blood type.

Slender Slim 11

There are many dietary supplements, like Slender Slim 11, that contain controlled substances. Slender Slim 11 contains sibutramine which was removed from the U.S. market in 2010 but is still used in supplements. Products like Slender Slim 11 hide their ingredients in a proprietary blend so when you do your research on that product, you may be looking up the wrong ingredients.

How to Avoid Fake Diet Pills

Most of us make the same mistake when it comes to the selection of the right diet pills by trying a new diet pill without proper review prior to ordering the product. When we use fake diet pills we do not see any results or sometimes we even face serious side effects. After this we start raising questions about the quality of the product, reputation of the company and nature of the side effects etc.

We would have saved ourselves from all the trouble if only we reviewed the product before we used them rather than questioning their validity after subjecting ourselves through a bitter experience.

I am not sure whether you have been a victim of fake diet pills that cause a lot of health related issues. While all the diet pills come with the warning against fake diet pills they do not tell the customers about how exactly to distinguish between the original and the fake diet pills.

The safest way to avoid fakes is to buy direct from the manufacturer – reputable companies like Phen375 and Pure Forskolin 250 only sell direct from their own official website, so you know you’re getting the genuine, real product.

We can easily be cheated because the fake diet pill companies mimic the original products so closely that we will not be able to make out whether a product is original or fake. The only way to find out in most cases is to run a chemical test but this is not a practical solution for all of us and we cannot be doing this with every pack of over the counter diet pills that we order.

So we may have to rely on the experts in this field and take advantage of their experience. offers reviews of all top diet pills saving us the time and effort required.

Furthermore, to ensure that you don’t get cheated by fake diet pills, we only recommend top-rated diet pills. You will also be able to save a lot of money you would have otherwise used to buy diet pills that only offer empty promises.

As you try various products that are of dubious nature and not effective you not only subject yourself to heavy risks but you also lose a lot of your precious time because a lot of time is wasted in ordering a useless product, waiting for its delivery, trying it for a period of time until we realize that it is not effective, contacting the diet pills company and fighting with them to get your refund and then trying to identify a new product before you repeat the entire cycle.

How to Avoid Weight Loss Scams

Here are just a few tips to help you avoid getting sucked into a scam:

1. Talk to your doctor
2. Research an ingredient through the FDA and other sites
3. Don’t believe outrageous claims
4. If it hasn’t been tested, don’t buy it
5. Avoid “free trial” offers that typically lead to auto subscriptions that are a pain to cancel
6. Instead, look for “100% Money Back Guarantees”
7. Check out our guide to the Best Diet Pills

With so many products and weight loss techniques out there today, it’s hard to find one that works. There are a lot of scams out there but hopefully this information will help you avoid them and find a weight loss supplement that actually works.

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