Just as with the rest of your body, health is the number one priority here, and monetizing on your health is really not rocket science at all. You don’t have to be a genius to discover ways you can honestly age proof your skin and appear years younger than what you really are.

This is something that anyone should be proud of, and that should be cultivated into a daily routine for maintenance. When you have youthful looking skin at age 40, it is a clear sign to others that you take care of your insides, just as well as your outward appearance. Vitality is what you’ll be rewarded with. Now, if you’re thinking that the only way to carry out this goal is through over the counter products and cosmetics, you have another thing coming.

If anything has been learned at all when it comes down to ways to age proof your skin, every person should be aware that consuming water is your first excellent choice.

Water keeps your skin hydrated, and it is imperative for normal bodily functioning as well. After all, over 75% of our bodies are made up of water, which in turn shows why it is so very dire for that healthy glow and elasticity that anyone would want to hold on to for dear life, don’t you think?

How to properly look after and age proof your skin

Protein as a Secret Source for Youth

There are very few who realize that our hair, skin, and nails are almost made up of 100% protein; therefore, taking in clean and wholesome protein is an excellent way of keeping that youthful appearance as well. Of course, you don’t have to only consider protein supplements here, but various foods that you eat, from the pyramid of food groups is an obvious choice.

Your best protein sources are going to be your wild catches (fish), organic chicken, wild fowl, and some pork. While beef can bring you good amounts of protein, it is often loaded in fat, something you should avoid.

When you add in the correct amounts of protein necessary to keep a youthful and healthy glow about yourself, along with proper water intake and a healthy fitness regimen, then you are definitely on the path to success for your overall looks, both inwardly and outwardly.

When you age proof your skin you need to begin viewing this from the inside out, because everything starts from within. This is the proper way of taking excellent care of your health, and it makes all the difference in the long term, especially when it comes down to the overall looks of your skin.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

While this might seem strange to consider, given that the issue is on your face and your skin, maintaining your body weight and staying healthy has a definite impact on how well your skin appears to yourself and to others. When you ask yourself how you can age proof your skin, weight issues have probably been the farthest thing from your mind. However, if you are bad to go to extremes with dieting, and you’ve been doing so for a number of years then your skin just might have an aged quality to it. If it hasn’t yet, it certainly will.

Remember; when it comes to our skin there is the elasticity issue to take into consideration. The best way to describe this is to consider rubber bands, or anything that is stretchy. When you gain weight and lose, but then the pounds keep coming back you are repeatedly stretching your skin to its very limit.

No matter how much elasticity might be there, our skin can only withstand so much before the signs of aging will begin to emerge. Fanatical dieting is one way in which we break this organ down way too much.

While our skin can take a beating and keep on ticking, it can’t do so without complications. Again, the issue of weight loss and weight gain is an excellent example to give. Few are aware of this too, which is why it is so important to stress here. True, you can tone up the loose skin when you lose weight, but the distress will still be evident.

Consume Foods Full of Antioxidants

Eating foods rich and antioxidants can be your key to the fountain of youth. Antioxidants aid the skin in a variety of ways, by removing impurities, protecting against skin irritants and allergies, minimizing bacteria that attempts to invade the pores of the skin, and also boosting your metabolism.

The higher your metabolism, the healthier that you might find yourself becoming. Furthermore, there are certain foods that you need to shop for that are far reaching in these antioxidants than others.

Foods that are brightly colored, basically fat burning fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, asparagus, eggplant, and others are very rich in these nutrients and vitamins. They also can help you with digestive issues which can then assist in eradicating impurities and negative energy which can make you sick.

Harnessing the power of these fruits and vegetables today can revitalize your mind and body in numerous ways. Simply remember to not overcook them, or try them raw, and you gain the most benefits from them. You definitely will see an unmatched way to age proof your skin when you follow this example!

Stay away from Processed Foods and those high in Preservatives

Foods high in preservatives are not good for you, and they are definitely not good for your skin. These are none to harbor ill substances which can age you and actually make you feel sick. You can become dehydrated from some of these, so if you do not take in enough water your skin will definitely lack luster. Your best bet is to eat the clean foods and foods that have high vitamin and mineral consistency. Foods rich in protein, as was mentioned offer the healthiest alternative.

The healthiest foods to consume would be seafood, raw vegetables, or steamed, chicken and some pork, which was briefly hinted at in this literature. These foods are in natural states, and if you go organic you definitely will find multiple healthy benefits for the skin and other various organs in the body. As you can see, everything with nutrition goes hand and hand. What you do for one organ system affects another.

Take in Fish Oil Supplements

These do sound extremely distasteful but they provide a necessary, lubricating source for your skin and your joints. It is also rich in Omega 3, which means you are giving your brain energy and nutrients as well. Fish oil supplements have been around for quite some time, but not many are aware of the full benefits that they can reap from them.

Fish oil, while providing lubrication and healthy fatty acids the body needs, also can help prevent against cardiovascular disease. It also is found to ward off Rheumatoid arthritis, a crippling disease which not only draws up the joints of the hands and other body parts, but places a withered look upon the skin as well. Here you can see, there are many advantages to this supplement.

Stay Away from Artificial Sweeteners and Caffeine laden Drinks

Diet soda is worse for your skin than full flavored soda, and you’ve surely heard of this before. The false sweeteners in diet soda can dehydrate your skin and add wrinkles later in life. They are also cancer cell antagonists and while they don’t cause skin cancer, or any other cancer, they certainly can contribute to it. Caffeine consumption should also be kept to a minimum. While it is an excellent energy source, such as for your energy drinks, it still can create problems if abused.

Finding a balance in everything you do and everything you put into your body is the ultimate secret to having proper health and maintaining a health skin appearance. Utilizing a multi-vitamin on a daily basis is another great supplement to consider as well. Remember, there are multiple choices out there so read up before you jump the band wagon on just anything.

View Sunscreen as your Friend

You want to protect the melatonin and melanin within your skin, the elements that actually deal with proper pigmentation. Over exposure to UV rays can place liver spots and other unsightly blemishes onto your skin, so stay away from the tanning beds. Further, start looking at sunscreens as your friend, because it will benefit you in the long run.

While you might think a tan gives you a healthy glow, it really does not and it is time to start seeing that for what it really is. The healthy glow is your own energy from within shining through from healthy habits and exercise.

If you can remember these few things which have been pointed out and follow them, you might very well look 40 when you are 70. You only have one body, one skin, so take care of it and energize it with all that is healthy!

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