A quick sweet treat when you’re in need of energy, grapes are a fruit that’s available year round and stays well in the fridge for many days at a time.  Whether you want to toss them into a fruit salad or eat them on their own, they provide a number of different nutrients your body needs.

Let’s have a further look at what this food is all about.

Calories and Macronutrients In Grapes:

For each one cup of grapes you eat you will take in

Calories:  62
Protein: 0.6 grams
Carbohydrates: 15.8 grams
Fat: 0.4 grams
Fiber: 0.8 grams

Major Nutrients Found In Grapes:

Most people know grapes for being a rich source of polyphenols which include flavonoids, phenolic acids, as well as resveratrol.

For those who are unfamiliar with what those are, they are nutrients that are typically found in the skins, stems, or seeds of fruits and help to reduce the risk of disease in the body.

Grapes are especially good for helping to lower your chances of suffering from heart disease as they help to protect the good cholesterol in the body (LDL) from free radical damage.

The polyphenol resveratrol helps to also keep the heart muscle flexible so that it can pump blood throughout the body to its maximum capability. Those who are at risk of developing blood clots or heart disease would be very advised to make grapes a regular part of their diet.


The best grapes will be those that appear to be very plump and are free from wrinkles.  As you look at them they should also be fully attached to the stem and should not be leaking juice from any part of the grape.

For maximum freshness, store your grapes in the refrigerator loosely in a paper towel then placed in a plastic bag.

Eat Them With:

Grapes are quite a versatile fruit and are often mixed in with some of the meals you may be consuming.  They go well in salads especially and can really liven up bland old greens while packing in the nutrients.

Other serving options include mixing them into a fruit salad, serving them along side some cheese, or having them with home-made fruit dip.

Burn Off The Calories In A Cup of Grapes:

To burn off the number of calories in a cup of grapes you would have to do:

  • 6 minutes of running
  • 11 minutes of brisk walking
  • 20 minutes of playing Frisbee
  • 13 minutes of dancing
  • 14 minutes of tai chi
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