One of the most commonly eaten foods to help get in your protein intake is chicken.  By learning the nutritional values of this protein powerhouse, you can be sure you’re adding it to your diet correctly.

Calories and Macronutrients In Chicken:

For each 3 oz chicken breast you eat, you will take in:

Calories: 140
Protein: 26.4 grams
Carbohydrates: 0 grams
Fat: 3.1 grams
Fiber:  0 grams

Major Nutrients Found In Chicken:

While chicken is most commonly known for its high protein content making it a mainstay for many deal meals for most people, within that protein content, chicken is a very good source of tryptophan.  In addition to this, chicken is also rich in Niacin (vitamin B), which can help to protect the body against many types of cancer.  Those who are typically low in Niacin intake are more often found to suffer from genetic DNA damage and by eating just one serving of chicken a day you’ll take in over half of your daily needs.

Another nutrient that’s found in chicken is selenium, which is important to maintain a healthy metabolism over the long term.  Anyone who’s focused on fat loss will really want to make sure to get enough selenium because if the thyroid gland isn’t functioning properly you’re going to have a far harder time losing body fat.

Finally, niacin rich foods can also help to protect against Alzheimer’s desease, so if you know you have a family history of this problem or are at risk, you will really want to make sure you’re eating chicken regularly.


When you’re purchasing your chicken you should look for breasts that have a plump shape and look thick rather than very thin.

If you’re purchasing them fresh be sure that they don’t have an off smell, which would indicate very clearly that the chicken is no longer safe to eat.  If you’re going to purchase frozen chicken breasts instead, look for ones that are not packed in liquid and have no sign of ice deposits.

Free-range chicken is typically healthier if you can find them since the chickens are fed organic food and are allowed to roam free in the outdoors.

Eat It With:

Chicken offers you an endless number of options from adding it to a vegetable stir-fry, topping it over a salad, serving it up with some pasta, preparing it in a casserole, or just grilling it on its own for the main course to your meal.

Burn Off A Chicken Breast:

To burn off the number of calories in a chicken breast you would have to:

  • Run for 15 minutes
  • Play badminton for 30 minutes
  • Play basketball for 20 minutes
  • Bike for 25 minutes
  • Golf for 30 minutes
  • Mow the lawn for 26 minutes
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