A healthy lifestyle will help you to lose weight and just feel better overall. You already know that in order to have any kind of success with exercising, you need to lose the stored up weight as well. So in order to do that, you will have to change some what you eat on a daily basis. You need to cut out the foods that you know are bad for you, and replace them with foods that are good and nutritious for you.

Your body requires a certain amount of each vitamin or nutrient to function as it should. When you are lacking in a nutrient, there are always signs for it. But often times your body is able to improvise to a certain extent and cover up for it. But it can only do so much. You need to be sure that you are giving your body enough of a balanced diet that is full of all vitamins and nutrients.

If you are lacking in one, it will be harmful to you, if you are lacking in many, you are prone to serious health risks because it is the equivalent of your body being blind folded and hand cuffed. Your body will burn calories and lose weight, but this process can be seriously expedited if you are eating the right kind of foods.

Those are the foods that your body can easily break down into basic nutrients and send to where they are used in your body. That way, there isn’t any excess that your body can’t break down and digest, and therefore won’t store where it shouldn’t.

Healthy eating tips that will help you flatten your stomach

Lose the Sugary and Salty Foods

You need to take out the sugary and salty foods from your daily diet. They are mostly full of processed fat and empty calories. They have almost no nutritional value to them, and they are very hard to digest fully, let alone break down into what your body needs. The sugars and empty calories are bad enough, but too much salt is bad for you as well, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Too much salt will interrupt the process of digestion and it makes you store up water and sodium. That will cause you to be bloated indefinitely.

Importance of Protein and Fiber

Protein and fiber are very important to your body for proper digestion and operation. protein is the basic requirement to build muscle mass. But these foods also are good for you AND they are quite filling. So if you eat protein or fiber rich foods such as salmon, beef, nuts, or anything else, then you will be on the right track to losing weight.

Switch to Whole Grain

You need to replace and get away from the foods that have processed wheat or flour. If you switch to whole grains, you will be a lot healthier and it will give our body the nutritional value that it needs to process and lose weight. Plus, processed grain has many more calories and it will offset the weightloss process.

Watch out for Fattening Foods

Your body needs fat to operate properly, so don’t cut it out of your diet completely, but it also needs the RIGHT kind of fat. This can be found in various foods such as milk, butter, cheese, etc. But don’t over do it. Try switching to skim milk and cut back on your butter use.

Alcohol And Weight Loss

Alcohol is notorious for interrupting the weightloss process. Drinking an alcoholic beverage will almost negate any attempt by your body to burn extra fat. For many people just cutting back on alcoholic beverages is enough for them to start losing more weight. Just remember, whether it is food, drink or anything else, moderation is the key. Too much of anything can be harmful.

Healthy Foods

Below you will see many of the foods that you should eat. They are all good for you and filling, but it is of course up to you to decide what to eat. Check out these fat burning foods and our full fat burning foods list.

Fruits That Burn Fat

This is one of the basic food groups. Fruits are a basic necessity of life and you probably need to have more or it in your diet. They are quite tasty and easily eaten. They have great vitamins and needed nutrients in them, plus they make for a great snack.

Vegetables & Beans

Eating vegetables is a no-brainer. They are an essential part of life and they are excellent for you. Most people prefer fruits to vegetables just because fruits generally taste better, but vegetables are just as important to your diet. They have a vast array of nutrients that you will need, and most of the time you can’t get all of those from fruits.


Grains are a good choice of food at any time. As we mentioned above, make sure that you are eating the natural whole grains, anything else just won’t do. Stay away from processed wheat and flour, but eat whole grains regularly.


Meat is a good source of nutrients and it can be very tasty. Avoid the red meat and the fat that comes along with it. Stay away from fatty beef and pork. Stick with lean beef, chicken & other poultry, fish, and other kinds of sea food.

Nuts & Raisins

Nuts and raisins are a great anytime snack and they are good for you! You can carry these along with you at any time and just take a handful of them and you will be satisfied for awhile. They are very filling and don’t carry any detrimental value with them.

Final Tips

The above list is just a basic idea of the KINDS of foods that you should be eating. Everyone has a different taste pallet, so you will have to choose for yourself what you want to eat. But with just a little creative cooking or preparation, you can make some pretty tasty meals for yourself and eat healthy all the time. Also, you should mix it up.

We are a lot better off eating various kinds of foods. We can’t just eat one thing, because there is no one thing that has everything that we need, even cookies! If you eat a variety of good foods, you will get every vitamin and nutrient that you need to live, build muscle, and lose weight.

Don’t forget, food alone will not flatten your stomach – you also need to burn more calories by exercising. Check out our flat stomach exercises and our rowing machine reviews for more info.

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