Calories You Need Per Day Calculator


This calculator will show how many calories per day your body burns. See how many you need now – you might be surprised!

This daily calorie calculator gives an approximation of your Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR for short) – the number of calories per day your body burns, and therefore the number of calories you need to eat per day to maintain your current weight and level of physical activity.

If your goal is to lose weight by burning off excess body fat, you should aim to eat around 500 fewer calories per day than your daily calorific needs, and either maintain or increase your level of physical exercise activity. This would then cause your body to start burning your body fat to produce energy, rather than using the calories you consume from food.

Important: Do not go below 1200 calories per day unless you are on a medically supervised weight loss program or after consultation with your family doctor. Extreme low calorie intake has many potentially harmful side effects.

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