The Lemonade Diet

Does the lemonade diet work?

The Lemonade Diet isn’t a long-term weight loss plan. Following the diet for an extended period is dangerous. In fact, according to some health care professionals consider the diet as a dangerous fad. If you decide to follow this diet, make sure to follow the stages as instructed.

Does the lemonade diet work?

The first stage of the diet lasts for 3 days. It prepares your body to follow the liquid-based lemonade diet. Do not skip the first stage. If you do, your body won’t be prepared for the liquid-based switch.

On the first day of stage one eat fruits and vegetables. No meat, dairy products or grain allowed.

The second day of stage one requires you to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice. You don’t eat any fruits or vegetables, just drink the juice.

On the third day of stage one no eating is allowed. You’re only allowed to drink a mixture of orange juice and maple syrup.

The Lemonade Diet’s second stage lasts from 10 to 14 days. Dieters say this is the most difficult stage of the diet, and it’s the time when most people drop out. You must follow the directions as instructed without variation.

During the second stage, you start each day by drinking the lemonade mixture. You drink this mixture throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry or tired. You could end up drinking anywhere from five or more glasses per-day. You can balance out the lemonade intake by also drinking plain water.

In addition to the lemonade, you need to take laxatives and to perform a salt-water flush. Take the first laxative and perform the first flush in the morning. Take your second laxative during the evening, but don’t perform another salt-water flush. You will need to make your own flush.

For the salt-water drink, add two teaspoons of sea salt to four cups of water. You might have to visit a reputable health food store to find genuine sea salt. The sea salt mixture works as a laxative. It flushes waste from the body, and is strong. You will probably have several bowel movements during the day.

Some people report feeling weak and nauseous during the second stage of the diet. WebMD also reports that during the fast many people feel hungry all the time, have headaches, experience fatigue, dizziness and are sluggish. You could also develop bad breath or gallstones.

It’s not uncommon to hear health care professionals refer to the Lemonade Diet as a starvation diet. You lose weight because you’re not eating any food, but you might end up losing muscle and water weight instead of fat.

The final stage of the Lemonade Diet prepares your body for food again. One the first day of the final stage, you drink nothing but orange juice. The second day of the final stage adds fresh fruits that burn fat and vegetable juice.

Solid fruits and vegetables are permissible on the third day of the final stage. After that, you should gradually ease back into eating by starting with light foods, such as salads and soups.

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