The Hip and Thigh Diet


Along with wanting to maintain good health, there is also a need for one to look well. This means that physically one would want to maintain a good figure. Defining a good figure can be decided normally by factors related to an individual’s body structure.

However, there are certain features that are shared by all. More specifically, this refers to areas of the body such as the hips and thighs. These two parts of the body are of considerable interest as they are easily visible, and for some people, are easy targets for weight to catch onto. In view of this, some people become conscious of this fact, and as a result decide to adopt a diet that would suit their need.

Considering the need to target weight gain in particular areas of the body, it must be considered that there have also been specific programs that people have turned to. This is because there is considerable awareness of the need to lose weight in bulky areas of the body. One popular diet is called the Hip and Thigh Diet. As its name suggests, it targets two areas of the body for weight loss and trimming; the hips and thighs.

Though the name apparently only encompasses two areas of the body, namely the hips and thighs, by it being a low-fat diet it also targets the whole body where fat has accumulated.

The diet is well balanced and is restricted to 1200 calories even though it has a low fat percentage of 15-20 %. The calorie figure is not exactly calculated, and for this reason there is a long list of prohibited foods. Perhaps it is best to assert that it is this long list that really does the trick in the diet. This is because there are so many foods banned that it is logical to think that a person would naturally be left with fewer less fattening fat burning food to consume.

Considering the minimum requirement for calorie needs it must be considered that there are other factors that are important as well. These include physical factors such as one’s gender, height, weight, ration of fat to muscle, nature of the work that one does, etc. This is because all these factors interact in order to result in a minimum calorie need. Depending on this, one would eat appropriately according to the diet, and this would not change the weight loss procedure one seeks in the hip and thigh diet.

The advantage of this Hip and Thigh Diet is that it promotes a gradual and stable loss in weight and it is easily followed. This is because it is basically the list of what not to eat that one depends. With the number of foods that are permitted in the diet, one can easily have as much of them as s/he wants and remain full.

Hence, the diet does not feel restricted and does not get derailed from the diet easily. The easy to follow recipes and easy to put together as well; they are interesting to prepare with one using his or her own ideas as well. One may also assert that this diet is ultimately good for one’s health has it helps one to lose weight in the right areas, but does not deprive the individual of vital resources for maintaining good health like many diets tend to do.

Hence, this means that Hip and Thigh Diet may be followed for a longer duration than others. It is also unlikely that one would get fed up of it quickly, which is one the strongest points in it.