Raw Food Diet

High fiber foods

The Raw Food Diet as the name suggests one has to eat everything raw. With that been said it means that one literally lives on vegetables and fruits. The belief of this is that the enzymes in this are the actual life force of foods. The enzymes that are produced here help us in digesting the food that we have eaten. By getting this from the fat burning foods that you eat you save the body from making a cocktail enzyme for digestion. The destruction of vitamins and other necessary minerals happens in the process of cooking. Cooked foods are not only hard to digest but they also let somewhat digested fats, proteins and minerals to clog up in the guts and the arteries.

People who follow Raw Food Diet face many benefits. These include increased energy level, the skin looks more improved, weight loss and above all it lessens the level of heart diseases.

People who follow Raw Food Diet need to make a meal plan for themselves. This is essential as you may miss some of the essential nutrients and vitamins. For some cases it maybe required that people take diet supplements that would fulfill the needs of the body that are missed out in the body. In order that one starts this type of diet it is essential that one buys equipment that will help in the diet. Some equipment that one may like to consider in having would be to buy a durable blender, a wooden dollop and a sifter to crush the veggies and the fruits and glass jars for storing.

There are side effects that come with Raw Food Diet as in with every diet that is around these days. There maybe some detoxification effects that may hamper as the body may tend to shed toxicity. People may think that fat burning fruits and vegetables are better if they are taken raw. But according to research that was done, it showed that some phytochemicals that are present in certain foods are better digested by the body when they are cooked.

Children, pregnant women, individuals suffering from anemia and those who run the risk of osteoporosis and people living in cold countries should not follow Raw Food Diet.

The reason that Raw Food Diet is not meant or everyone is that different climates need different foods to help the body balance in all aspects such as temperature and nutrients. There are various ways that one can improvise on this.

The foods in order of most cool and most warm are Raw fresh => Raw dried => Steamed => Sautéed => Baked.

Try and arrange the way food is cooked in this manner so that it is made suitable with the climate around you.