Paleo Diet

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Diets that are devised today may rely on the rarest of theories and assumptions. However, if they are effective and serve one’s purpose for maintaining good health there is no harm in using them. These types of diets have to be accepted as long term and balanced ones in order for them to be termed as effective diets. In view of this approach the Paleo Diet is one that is not in sync with medical evidence, and this is because of its disregard for what a balanced diet demands.

Usually, the manner in which each dieter learns about a diet and him or herself is through an understanding of food substances along with their calorie content. In view of this, one can learn a great deal about which foods are nutritious and suitable for him or her.

This diet was formulated on the idea that cavemen and women were never overweight. So if we ate like our ancestors which would consists of fruits, vegetables with a lot of protein from animals we would lead healthy lives.

The Paleo diet is a diet that leans more towards proteins with an abundance of fat burning veggies and fruits to back it up. It is also thought that the diet is so loaded with protein for consumption that one may not be able to consume the veggies and fruit required to go along with it.

On one hand, proteins are basically body building substances along with one’s strength being dependent on this substance, functions such as mobility also require it. However, it is carbohydrates and fats that also need to be placed in a diet for it to be balanced. A high protein diet would include a high intake of red meat, fish, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. Most high protein diets restrict consumption of pasta, bread, potatoes, fruit, many vegetables, in addition to refined sugar. It must be realized at this point that carbohydrates are essential for a wide variety of body functions and denying the body of foods that promote these functions can be severe.

Finally, it must be asserted that Paleo is not a diet that is feasible for long term implementation, as it would result in one not being able to cover all necessary areas. This is because of the fact that it is not a balanced diet due to most of its focus being on protein content. In addition to this, there is little scientific evidence to provide for the theory underlying the diet.