Nutrisystem Diet Review


Nutrisystem is a weight loss meal delivery service that has been around since 1972. They’re currently celebrating their 40th anniversary, with people like Janet Jackson singing their sweet song of continuous success (and they’re partying by offering a 40% discount code for all auto-ship plans, so grab the coupon before this special offer expires!).

Customers have reported losing more than 40% more weight on the Nutrisystem program compared to going through weight loss alone. How does Nutrisystem do it?

What is the weight loss principle of Nutrisystem?

One of the hidden and yet most common causes of weight gain is blood sugar imbalance.   Nutrisystem addresses the dietary causes of erratic blood sugar levels through its low GI (Glycemic Index) meals.

Weight loss by way of the low GI diet has been Nutrisystem’s signature strategy for the last few years.

Nutrisystem hires only top brass nutritionists, dietitians, MDs, and researchers to create for you a nutritionally balanced, high-fiber, protein-rich, low GI diet that conforms to the nutritional guidelines set by the National Institute of Health, United States Department of Agriculture, and the American Diabetes Association.

How many meals do you get per day?

The Nutrisystem meal plan includes 5 low-calorie, low GI meals a day to keep your metabolism running smoothly. Foods with a low GI will not cause blood sugar to spike dramatically after their consumption, also enabling you to burn calories steadily.

You won’t feel so hungry either, because the best carbs help you feel full longer while curbing your appetite.

Do Nutrisytem meals taste good?

The common perception is that low GI meals are not delicious. In fact any food that’s low something (low sugar, low fat, low calorie, low cholesterol, low sodium) is somehow expected to fail miserably in the flavor department.

Fortunately this kind of gustatory prejudice doesn’t apply to Nutrisystem’s meals. They would not have been able to stay in the business for 40 years if their low calorie meals had been found to be low in flavour.

Who prepares them?

To prepare your meals Nutrisystem got on board celebrity chefs and chefs of celebrities. This why they have a steadily growing number of patrons. They cook for their customers as if they were stars!

Will I have to count calories when I take Nutrisystem meals?

The tasty meals arrive to you in re-heatable packages. Everything is already portion-controlled. No calorie counting needed. So you can just focus on how good the food is, and lose weight too while doing it.

What’s the cost?

By now you already know what makes Nutrisystem stand out as a weight loss program. They have made healthy weight loss easy, convenient, and yummy. Only one more thing needs to be asked. Are their plans affordable?

Meal plan prices range from $186.63 (Core 2-Week Plan) to $480.43 (Select 4-Week Plan).

That’s a daily cost of just $13.33 to $17.16!

Nutrisystem’s meal cost per day is so low it’s a steal!

Nutrisystem discount code

If you act now you can use a coupon code that will entitle you to a whopping 40% discount on the auto-delivery option available for each plan.

Get the best bang for your hard-earned buck by availing of Nutrisystem’s time-sensitive promotion code and save up to $190.44 off the regular price today!

Does Nutrisystem provide support?

You get so many perks if you sign up for free membership on their official website.

  1. Nutrisystem gives you unlimited live access to their dietitians and counselors at no extra cost. Just shoot them an e-mail or give them a ring and they’ll give you the answers, support, and motivation that you need to succeed on their program.
  2. Tune in to live online classes each week where you can listen and ask questions to a Nutrisystem dietitian for free.
  3. You also get to use helpful tools to track and measure your weight loss progress. Find out how many calories you consumed in a day by using their food diary.
  4. Learn how to successfully incorporate the right exercises into your daily schedule by using “My Daily 3 Fitness Plan”. Log in your measurements privately and see how much weight you lose each week.
  5. There’s the “Progress Tracker” that instantly allows you to see and evaluate your efforts by graphing your progress.
  6. You can blog about your experience and interact with other members in chat rooms and discussion boards.
  7. You can check out their free guides on grocery shopping and dining out.
It’s really hard not to succeed when you have a one-stop resource for all the information, tools, and personalized guidance to complement the already tried-and-proven Nutisystem diet program.

Healthy lifestyle education

Another fab thing about Nutrisystem is that they teach you to eventually fly on your own through what you’ll learn from the free counseling and education that they offer.

Nutrisystem doesn’t require you to stay on the program forever. In fact they don’t want you to rely on their fresh-frozen meals for the rest of your life. They deliver the meals and give you a grocery list of fresh foods to include in the plan for you to learn how to prepare low GI meals that are anything but complicated and bland.

By equipping you with valuable lessons and one-on-one support Nutrisystem helps you practice healthy lifestyle habits for life.

Are you convinced already how effective and fun the Nutrisystem weight loss plan is? Good. You are now ready to learn more about the details of the program.

How does Nutrisystem work?

It’s very easy. You choose the plan that best suits your needs and weight loss goals. They have separate plans for people who need to lose more than 10 pounds, and those who need to lose less than 10.

Customize your own 28-day menu from a total of 130 foods to choose from, or go with Nutrisystem’s pre-selected favorites to make the choice easier and quicker for you.

You buy the main meals and snacks from them and they will send you a menu planner that includes a list of recommended fresh items that you can pick up from the supermarket, which encourages and teaches you to make smart choices on your own. These grocery items require minimal preparation on your part.

Nutrisystem also encourages fresh grocery such as fruits and vegetables along with their meal plan. Check out our other article about Nutrisystem catering for vegans and vegetarian needs.

What do you have to do to use Nutrisystem effectively?

1.       Pick your meals

The first step is simple: You get to pick your menu for 28 days at a time or you can go along with a pre-determined menu of favorites. The foods are high protein, low carbohydrates and heart healthy fats. This combination of foods help you maximize your energy usage and calorie burning.

2.       Maintain portion control through the day.

The key factor in the Nutrisystem meals is the portion control. Their meals are portioned carefully based on the USDA and American Diabetes Association.

3.       Incorporate fitness into your lifestyle

Nutrisystem also encourages physical activity. Their physical activity component is called the Daily3, which structures exercise in 10 minutes duration into your day. This component helps maintain your muscle tone and strength.

4.       Move to the maintenance phase

Once you have lost the weight, Nutrisystem helps you get on a maintenance phase by either letting you choose foods from their program or choose your own foods. It has support systems in place to offer resources and support to users. It also has meal plans for patients with diabetes.

Will you lose weight with Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is a well-rounded program that addresses both diet and physical activity. No category of food is restricted or touted and it provides a balancedmeal to meet the nutritional needs. It is very structured and portion controlledand if you strictly adhere to their guidelines of eating and physical activity you will see weight loss.

Nutrisystem Disadvantages – Are there any?

One downside of the program is the cost factor, but as you are not preparing any meals it might balance out.

People may get dependent on their plan so much that when they get to the maintenance phase, they might not be able to adhere to the portion control as rigidly as they are used too. This may cause rapid weight gain as the body’s metabolism has not quite adjusted to the changes.

Expert opinion – How should you use Nutrisystem with long lasting results?

If you use Nutrisystem to get a jump start on your weight loss and use it as guideline rather than a quick fix, you will be able to see positive results. Use the tool as a learning opportunity to get started on the right foods and in the habit of exercising daily, so that once you do get to your goal weight, you will be able to maintain it long term without much difficulty. Overall, it is a good plan and is safe and scientifically based.

Does Nutrisystem offer a variety of options to suit personal needs?

Yes in fact they do.

Do you just want the basic program? Choose the Core Plan then.

Craving for fancier meals than what they offer in the basic Core Plan? Go for the Select Plan and avail of their new Chef’s Table entrees!

If you are in your 50s, then the Silver Plan is for you. Receive some extras such as their own line of supplements (omega 3s for cardiovascular health, calcium plus vitamins D and K for bone health) to help you meet age-specific nutritional requirements.

Are you diabetic? Nutrisystem knows the GI diet like nobody’s business, so yes, you can definitely rest assured that you’re in good hands. The Nutrisystem Diabetic Plan may just be the most cost-effective nutritional intervention that will help a busy woman like you manage and even beat diabetes. That’s because Nutrisystem has partnered up with the American Diabetes Association in their campaign to help stop diabetes.

Is Nutrisystem for you?

Effective? Check. Convenient? Check. Delicious? Check. Affordable? Check.

What are you waiting for?

Order your first Nutrisystem plan and start reaping the benefits of healthy weight loss today! Check the top of this article for the latest Nutrisystem coupons and discount codes.