Mayo Clinic Diet

Calculate your calorie intake based on the weight you want to lose

Mayo Clinic Diet is not a new diet plan, yet the most interesting aspect of this diet is the care and concentration of the Mayo doctors over the requirement of calorie count of every individual. Since the age, structure, metabolism as well as the inherited characteristic of every individual is different form other individuals, therefore, the Mayo Clinic Diet is suitable to all kind of individuals interesting to use a weight loss program. At the same time it also offers diet plans for individuals that are basically not over weight but still are keen to maintain their weight and figure.

However, Mayo Clinic Diet provides a package with a healthy calorie intake depending upon the need of the individual’s body, health, age and gender. Therefore the doctors and expert of the Mayo clinic give special attention and care to each and every patient. For instance, from keeping a track of their medical history and daily life style as well as their day to say eating habits and nature of work they do to calculate their physical exercise, the dietitians plan the diet of the patient. Therefore, the diet plans prescribed by the doctors and experts of mayo clinic is not recommended to every patient.

On the other hand, once a patient starts following the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan prescribed by the doctors of mayo clinic they successfully reduce weight but at the same time they cannot recommend the same diet plan to any other person because the diet plan prepared for him was made by keeping an account of each and every aspect related to the person.

Therefore, each and every diet plan provided by the doctors of the mayo clinic at the same time produces a healthy diet as well as emphasizes in a regular exercise to acquire the desired and calculated results. In this way the patient also learns how to change his food selection by keeping a tract of regular physical exercise to reduce weight constantly.

Consequently with the application of the mayo diet plan, a person while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and some physical exercise, is able to reduce half to 1 pound per week. However, the other diet plans are fast and quick but the mayo diet plan is a very slow but steady process. Since it reduces half to 1 pound a week so it seems to be a more effective diet plan in the long term with out any side effects.

Moreover, the most important thing to understand is that basically the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan is not only recognized by the title of the mayo clinic, in fact the clinic itself has nothing to do with the health care center. However, tracing back the history of the mayo clinic diet it comes to our understanding that the basic idea of the diet was originated prior to the making of the mayo clinic. At the same time, there is no such evidence that proves that the mayo clinic diet is related to the mayo clinic in America.

However, the main theory of the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan is based on the low carb intake and high protein intake to produce a quick weight loss. At the same time it also provides a special dosage of grapefruit that helps cutting the fats from the body at a faster rate. So it suggests the use of grapefruit after each meal every day.

On the other hand it also allows unlimited intake of meat, poultry as well as grapefruit depending upon the inner desire of each patient. Basically the idea to eat as both protein and fat as much the patient desires lies behind the theory to stop the hunger by constantly eating. The doctors suggest that in the initial stage this diet plan does not seem to be an effective one however, with the passage of time, slow and steady the patient starts loosing weight provided that it keeps a track of constant exercise every day. Consequently the patient starts reducing it s appetite with out any out side force or medicine.

At the same time the diet plan also does not restrict the intake of fried food as well as meat. So it is basically a high protein diet plan prepared for every individual separately.

Where many other dietitians and experts do not agree to the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan and specifically criticizes the means to quick weight loss of the diet plan as it seems to be temporary. However, if the mayo clinic diet plan is deeply understood one comes to the understanding that in fact it is not a quick and temporary weight loss program but can help losing weight by slow and steady process.