High Protein Diets

Calculate your calorie intake based on the weight you want to lose

In order to maintain proper health there are particular things that every human being needs. Without these needs being fulfilled, proper functions in the body cannot be maintained, and eventually the outcome could be severe or fatal. Hence, there is a need to fulfill body needs in terms of food consumption.

A few of the things that the human body need include Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, and Minerals. With these basics, human body function is maintained as it should be.

However, it must be realized that these substances need to be consumed in appropriate quantity. Certainly, quantity does matter here because if any of these substances are out of proportion abnormalities may result.

Usually, the manner in which each dieter learns about a diet and him or herself is through an understanding of food substances along with their calorie content. In view of this, one can learn a great deal about which foods are nutrition’s and suitable for him or her.

Since the basic food substances that one need to know about includes, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, and Minerals, it must also be asserted that all these basic food substances are required to carry out every important function in the body. Carbohydrates are necessary for energy.

They break down into simpler substances like sugars that can eventually be burned inside the body to produce energy. These sugars for energy production the body are essential for human beings because of the fact that they carry out functions that enhance body performance.

For instance, it has been discovered that lack of carbohydrates prevents the mind from performing at its maximum. However, proteins are basically body building substances. One’s strength is dependent on this substance, and functions such as mobility also require it.

A high protein diet would include a high intake of red meat, fish, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. Most high protein diets restrict consumption of pasta, bread, potatoes, fruit, many vegetables, in addition to refined sugar. It must be realized at this point that carbohydrates are essential for a wide variety of body functions and denying the body of foods tat promote these functions can be severe. Check out these foods that burn fat for more information and ideas.

A High Protein breakfast would include: Bacon and eggs and nothing else to go along with it.

A High Protein lunch would include: a small salad and double cheeseburger and nothing else.

A High Protein dinner would include: fried chicken along with a cheese dressing and salad.

The advantages of such a diet would include steadying of one’s blood sugar level, and result in a quicker weight loss. However, as opposed to this, there are several disadvantages of a high-protein diet.

High Protein Diets also have severe disadvantages. It has been discovered that these diets may be completely misbalanced, causing dieters to be at risk of developing conditions due to lack of other food substances. It has been discovered that consuming lower levels of carbohydrates causes one to lose weight undoubtedly, but this is because of the lack of the body being denied of fluid filled foods that are rich in carbohydrates.

In addition to this, the severe cut in carbohydrate consumption does not allow fats to be completely burned. It also must be asserted that a high protein diet causes the development of ketenes in the body, which are released into the bloodstream. This condition is called ketosis, and is known to be responsible for weight loss through a loss of appetite as well as a feeling of nausea.

In view of diet history in the United States, it must be asserted that high carbohydrate diets were opposed and High Protein Diets were thought to be more suitable for good health. Later, it was discovered that carbohydrates are essential for particular body functions, and so, there was a switch back to carbohydrates. Since then on, it has been suggested that a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates is a better diet to maintain good health.