Chances are, you may have seen green tea flashed across the TV screen as an exciting new way to lose weight. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love the idea of just drinking an invigorating fresh cup of hot green tea and dropping weight?

After all, it’s a lot more exciting and easier than engaging in a diet that often feels like torture, because it requires you to eat bland foods and go to bed hungry every night. And drinking tea would definitely be easier than spending two hours a day, soaked in sweat, from walking the treadmill.

Green tea – the flat stomach ‘miracle’?

But despite the media stories, is green tea truly the answer you’ve been hoping for to shed those pesky pounds or is it fools-gold? The answer may surprise you.

The reality is, that green tea does indeed help in weight loss – significantly so. However, it’s not a silver-bullet. You still need to watch what you eat, and ideally you should do some exercise three times a week. But as far as being a diet aid you need to pay attention to, yes, green tea certainly can help you reach your ideal weight fast. Here’s why:

Don’t envy them, become one of them!

It’s been proven that green tea has the ability to speed up your metabolism – or rate of burning calories.

Now if you’ve envied those women with great looking bodies who could seemingly eat and eat and eat yet barely gain a pound, you might be curious to know the reason why is because they have a fast metabolism. By drinking green tea, you can join the fast metabolism club!

But like I said, you still want to watch what you eat. It’s not a magic wand. You’re simply going to see a lot more results from drinking green tea versus depriving yourself of food on the latest diet craze.

What makes green tea work is a substance in it called polyphenols or as it’s sometimes called catechins. Catechins help the body to effectively burn calories while decreasing body fat.

Here’s how they work:

They prevent extra weight gain by blocking the usual movement of sugar or glucose in fat cells and they work with other beneficial compounds to intensify the body’s rate of fat oxidation. It’s the leaves of green tea where you’ll find catechins. Now let’s go a little deeper here.

Drinking green tea could give you the easy way to a flat stomach.

The miracle compound that burns fat and gives you a flat stomach

There are four types of catechins found in the leaves of green tea. But the most exciting one is epigallocatechin gallate or as commonly referred to (EGCG). Documented reports show that EGCG has the power to change the body’s hormone levels which regulates your appetite. In plain English, this means you end up eating less!

At the same time, green tea increases noradrenaline levels in your body. And this is a great thing because noradrenaline is a chemical neurotransmitter in the nervous system that’s responsible for the activation of brown fat tissue, which is the only active fat in the body. It’s the fat you want to burn off when it comes to weight loss.

Green tea’s energizing catechins help power you for a good workout so you end up expending more energy when you workout, which means more calories burned. It does this by causing carbohydrates to be slowly released, which in turn stops quick spikes in blood-insulin levels.

And get this: Green tea is the only tea that is abundant in fat melting catechins. In fact, more than 30% of green tea consists of catechins. But green tea isn’t just a weight loss revolution, no; it’s more than that. It’s also loaded with heaping portions of antioxidants, which slow aging, and anti-viral compounds and anti-cancer compounds.

Obviously, to reap the rewards of drinking green tea, you’re going to need to drink more than just one cup a day. Everyone is a little different but you may want to start out with drinking one, then two cups of green tea a day and possibly move up to three or four if that suits you.

While it’s exciting to think about losing all that weight you’ve been wanting to get rid of, remember regular green tea can only do so much. Different brands of green tea are more effective than others. And trying to find the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Luckily we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found what we believe is probably the best and most powerful green tea weight loss brand on the market today.

The best green tea to drink for weight loss

Koutea Green Tea – Top Rated for Green Tea Weight Loss

But don’t let the name fool you this is certainly green tea. Actually, it’s 3 blends of green tea leaves. But get this; Koutea Green Tea is clinically proven to burn up to 2.5 times more calories than regular Japanese green tea. So let me tell you a bit about this brand, Koutea Green Tea and you can decide for yourself if it makes sense to try this.

To start with, this Green Tea is a unique blend of organic tea that comes from the Sencha, Oolong (also known as Wu Long) and Pu’erh green tea plant species. These three species of green tea have been used to enhance health for over 5,000 years in China. It’s also turbo-charged with ginger for maximum fast weight loss and fat burning.

Wu Long tea (part of the Koutea Green Tea formula) in particular has been featured on the Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey TV shows. This same version of green tea has also been promoted by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Courtney Cox, Usher, and Paris Hilton – and for good reason.

Scientists at Japan’s University of Tokushima School of Medicine discovered that when people drink two cups of Oolong tea a day, they saw a 157% increase in fat burning than people drinking the same amount of green tea. Another study found that women who drank Oolong tea after a meal, saw a 10% increase in energy expenditure, compared to just 4% for green tea drinkers.

Researchers at the Suntory Research Center in Osaka, Japan found that drinking Oolong tea just 15 minutes before eating high carbohydrate foods actually reduced the fattening effects of the carbs because the tea slowed the rise of insulin.

As for the Sencha green tea leaves, it has likewise been found they’re rich in catechins and powerful antioxidants. The Pu’erh green tea leaves that are found in the Koutea Green Tea brand were shown in a study from France to significantly lower cholesterol.

Probably more interesting than the science is the amazing results from Koutea Green Tea customers. Here’s one off the Koutea Green Tea website.

Could this be the easiest way to quickly drop 15 pounds?

“I still cannot believe how easy this was. I really don’t like all the chemical weight loss pills that are available, so the organic weight loss tea from Koutea Green Tea really was an epiphany for me! I already lost 15 pounds and I’ve become a loyal customer right now!” – Ben, UK.

When you add everything up, it just makes sense to invest in a healthy tea that improves your health and gives you double the effectiveness of green tea weight loss. That’s why Koutea Green Tea wins my highest recommendation.

Green Tea actually does more – a lot more – for your health and figure. To discover what else it does for you click here to check it out.

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