More and more people are starting to cut back on the amount of spending they’re doing and one place that often gets hit hard is the grocery budget. If you’ve started cutting back then you’re likely on the lookout for some cheap meal ideas that will help you save money while continuing about your goal to lose belly fat.

With a little creativity you definitely can come up with some options that accomplish both of these goals at the same time, so let’s get started to get you on the right track with cheap meal ideas.

Oats and Peanut Butter Breakfast

There’s no better way to start your day than with a filling bowl of oatmeal.  Fortunately, if you purchase your raw oats from the bulk bins it’s only pennies a serving so you can easily work this into your daily diet.

To boost the flavor and round out the meal with other nutrients, stir in a tablespoon or two of natural peanut butter.  This will help to slow the release of the carbohydrates into the body, allowing you to continue to lose stomach fat.

Canned Tuna With Brown Rice

Moving on, for your lunch meal, one terrific, low-cost option is canned tuna with brown rice.  Again, purchasing the brown rice from the bulk bins will help you dramatically cut back on the total costs and tuna just happens to be one of the cheapest sources of protein around.

Add a few of your favorite herbs for flavor along with some carrots, celery, or other budget-friendly vegetable and you’ve got a quick meal on the run for under 300 calories.

Scrambled Eggs With Salsa

If you’re on a low carb diet and are looking for a snack, whip up some scrambled eggs and toss with salsa.  Salsa is great for antioxidant protection because of all the tomatoes and other vegetables it includes and the eggs will be an excellent source of protein.

This meal or snack can be ready in five minutes or less and will be high on both nutrition as well as taste.  If you’re also watching your fat content in the diet as well you may want to consider tossing out a few of the yolks and replacing with egg whites instead.

Spice up your Mexican beans and rice with cheap, healthy additions like corn, tomato and a pepper or two.

Mexican Rice and Beans

One way to save costs on your diet to lose belly fat is to go meatless for a couple of your meals during the week.  Instead consider an alternate source of protein such as beans.  They’re also high in fiber and contain plenty of healthy carbs to help fuel your daily activities.

To make a complete protein out of this meal, pair the beans with some brown rice and toss in any vegetables you desire, such as a couple of tomatoes.  Mix with some chilli peppers, corn, and more salsa (one of the cheaper condiments available) and you’re all set with this meal.

So keep these budget-friendly meals in mind. By experimenting with some of your cost-effective standby’s you should have no problem coming up with fresh new meal ideas that keep you to your diet program.

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