Zylorin Review

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Zylorin diet pill review

Zylorin is a weight loss pill that the manufacturer claims will help you increase your metabolism, burn fat, suppress appetite and stabilize blood sugar levels.

When combined with a change to a healthy diet and additional physical activity, Zylorin is supposedly the “most effective weight loss product” available.

We reveal the truth about this fat burner in our in-depth Zylorin review.

What is Zylorin

The ingredients in Zylorin include bitter orange extract, chromium, hoodia gordonii and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Bitter orange extract is a naturally occurring form of caffeine that may have both stimulant and appetite suppressing properties.

Green tea, another ingredient in Zylorin, is also a stimulant but has less of an effect than coffee.

Zylorin is also touted as a supplement that provides energy for intense workouts. Zylorin manufacturers claim that results within four weeks are possible when taking this product.

Zylorin Side-effects

Several of the ingredients in this product have been shown to cause adverse side effects in some people. The combination of two stimulants can cause adverse reactions such as heart problems and increased blood pressure. Bitter orange extract has also been reported to build up to a level that is toxic to humans when taken over a period of time.

This product can also interact negatively with both prescription and over the counter medications so caution is advised when considering Zylorin.

Do We Recommend Zylorin Weight Loss?

The combination of ingredients in Zylorin is not unique and can be found in many weight loss products. The website refers to several research studies that unfortunately provide information about single ingredients and not the product in it’s combination form. You unable to scientifically infer that Zylorin really works, based on the research of each of the ingredients in it.

This flawed logic is what you have to read beyond in order to see that Zylorin does not stand out from the many weight loss products out there.

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