Zantrex 3 Diet Pills Review

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Zantrex 3 Diet pill review

Zantrex-3 Diet Pills are touted by the manufacturer as being more effective than ephedra in helping people lose weight. As much as 500% more weight loss however this is attributed only to the product’s active weight loss ingredient.

We review Zantrex 3 diet pills to see how Zantrex-3 can claim to do this and if they will likely work for you.

What Is Zantrex 3

The main purpose of this product, according to the manufacturer, is to prevent fatigue that diets can cause, leading to abandonment of the program. While the Zantrex 3 manufacturers encourage increasing physical activity and a balanced diet, their research study did not include these important factors in evaluating the effectiveness of Zantrex-3.

The Zantrex-3 websites’ small print also testifies to the fact that their product has not been approved by the US FDA, but simply falls under the standards of regulations for dietary supplements.

Zantrex 3 Ingredients

This ingredient happens to be caffeine, which occurs in several different forms including black tea, guarana and yerba mate.

Zantrex-3 contains five different sources of caffeine, two forms of ginseng, miscellaneous herbs and roots and niacin, a form of vitamin b. The predominant ingredient is caffeine and is largely responsible for any increased energy associated with taking the supplement.

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Side-effects of Zantrex 3

Significant amounts of caffeine, equal to a strongly brewed large cup of coffee, can cause unwanted side effects in individuals who have sensitivity to caffeine. Other Zantrex-3 side effects include insomnia, unstable blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

The manufacturer advises anyone who is interested in taking this product to check first with their physician, as it should only be taken by healthy people.

Do We Recommend Zantrex 3?

More than likely, anyone taking Zantrex-3 will experience increased energy, given the large amounts of caffeine it contains. This same effect of course, could be achieved by drinking coffee, which would likely be much less expensive. At about $40 for a month’s supply, you would wonder what would be the point of paying so much for caffeine.

None of the other ingredients have scientific evidence that shows they help people lose weight. There are more effective ingredients to help aid fat burning and increased energy than caffeine that we would recommend.

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