Xerisan ASA Review

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Xerisan diet pill review

The maker of Xerisan ASA claim that it is the “best fat burner on the market“. They also claim it can help you lose weight by increasing energy and even melting fat. Certainly, there is no such thing as literally “melting fat” – Not on your body anyway.

The site also boasts that the “Weight Loss Institute” named Xerisan as one of the most promising supplements made in recent history.

Can Xerisan ASA live up to these claims? Our Xerisan review tells a different story!

What is Xerisan ASA

Xerisan ASA contains four ingredients in a gelatin based capsule. The most prominent ingredient is the extract of white kidney beans which allegedly inhibits the body’s conversion of starches into sugars. This product also contains synephrine, also known as bitter orange extract.

The final two ingredients in Xerisan ASA are chromium and calcium, both commonly used in vitamin and mineral supplements.

Side-effects of Xerisan ASA

The ingredients in Xerisan ASA have the potential to cause serious side effects. Most concerning is the use of bitter orange extract which has effects that are similar to ephedra.

Ephedra has a long history of causing heart attacks, strokes and even sudden death in otherwise healthy individuals and has been banned for sale in the US.

Does Xerisan ASA work?

White kidney bean extract is, according to the manufacturer’s site, a starch blocker. Unfortunately, The extract itself is a protein and proteins are digested in the stomach. Starches on the other hand, are not digested until they reach the intestine, so the extract would already be neutralized and would have no effect on the enzymes.

Bitter orange extract has a short term effect in increasing heart rate and blood pressure, but not for long enough periods of time for it to cause long term weight loss. Unfortunately, it has more side effects than it does benefits and your body becomes tolerant of it’s stimulant effects fairly quickly.

Xerisan ASA is likely to be ineffective, and potentially dangerous choice of product if you are seeking a healthy, safe way to lose weight.

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