Xenadrine Review

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Xenadrine diet pill review

For most of us, weight loss is something we would like to get through fairly quickly. This is why products like Xenadrine, which boasts “ultra-fast” weight loss have so much appeal.

These rapid release capsules promise to help you get slim and increase your energy quickly by taking them up to three times a day, with meals.

Can Xenadrine deliver on fast, safe weight loss? We reveal the truth behind this stimulant diet pill.

What is Xenadrine

The main ingredient in Xenadrine is caffeine, in a variety of forms and lots of it!

Other than a few vitamins, this product relies solely on the effects of caffeine. Given the large amount of stimulants in this product, it’s no surprise that they boldly claim people who used it lost an average of 11 pounds in six weeks.

A supposed research study was administered to support the claims of Xenadrine’s effectiveness however the source of the study is not revealed on the website.

Xenadrine Side-effects

Although most of us consume some form of caffeine on a daily basis, high amounts of it can cause some dangerous side effects. The side effects of this much caffeine can include cardiac problems, dangerously high blood pressure and even seizures.

People who have any kind of sensitivity to stimulants should not take Xenadrine. Large amounts of caffeine have also been linked to kidney damage in people who had no known health problems.

Do We Recommend Xenadrine?

Although the makers of Xenadrine make some enticing claims, in the end, there are just caffeine pills. You would, of course, feel an initial rush of energy if you take Xenadrine but just as your body becomes accustomed to the caffeine in coffee, it’s response will decline quickly.

Any weight you will lose could easily be attributed to increased physical activity initiated by the caffeine. Caffeine also acts as a diuretic and many of the initial pounds lost would thus be water weight.

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