Trimspa Diet Pills Review

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Trimspa diet pill review

Trimspa diet pills were originally introduced several years ago, containing the controversial ingredient ephedra, which was temporarily banned for use in the US.

An ephedra free version, newly named Trimspa X32, replaces the previous version and has a different combination of ingredients.

We review the latest version of TrimSpa to see how effective it is in aiding your weight loss.

What Is TrimSpa?

The new formulation of TrimSpa contains chromium, green tea extract, herbs, hoodia gordonii, amino acids and caffeine. In addition, the new capsules are formulated for rapid release into the body and the original cost has been significantly discounted.

The manufacturer’s website contains minimal information about Trimspa, other than the ingredients and a standard recommendation to see your physician before using any supplement. The ingredients work in combination to curb appetite, maintain stable blood sugar levels, decrease water retention and increase fiber intake.

When combined with a healthy diet and adequate exercise, the Trimspa diet plan claims to have helped subjects lose up to 23 pounds over an eight week period. However, we could find no specific scientific research on this formulation disclosed on the company’s website, nor are there citations that refer you to read the results for yourself.

TrimSpa Ingredients

The active ingredients in Trimspa are hoodia gordonii, an appetite suppressant that has been found to be safe and effective when taken in it’s pure form. In addition, Trimspa contains other supposed appetite suppressant ingredients such as citrus naringin, vanadium and glucomannan.

Cocoa extract is added to create a diuretic effect, to rid your body of excess fluid and green tea extract is used for increasing the metabolism. You can probably also assume that the caffeine added to Trimspa is included for the same purpose.

Recommend TrimSpa for Weight Loss?

The newest formulation of Trimspa has only been available for less than two years, although the original version received mixed reviews from people who used it to lose weight. The indications for using Trimspa states that you should take four to six tablets a day, with enough fluid to ensure they reach the digestive system. Interestingly, the manufacturer warns that failure to take Trimspa tablets without enough water may cause them to swell in the throat, a potential choking hazard.

Only some of the ingredients in this product have been found to have any effectiveness in helping people lose excess weight safely. If you are thinking about possibly taking this product, it is in the best interest of your health to read Trimspa reviews written by people who have taken this supplement.

If you seriously considering a diet pill that can suppress your appetite or to stimulate your metabolism for increase fat burning there are more effective diet pills on the market.

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