Trim 24 Seven Review

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Trim 24 seven diet patches review

Trim 24 seven weight loss patches are applied once daily and deliver a continuous amount of the manufacturer’s weight loss product.

The patches are water resistant and can be worn under clothing, so that only you know you are taking a weight loss supplement.

Do Trim 24 Seven patches really work? Our Trim 24 Seven reviewreveals how likely you will lose weight with this slimming patch.

What are Trim 24 Seven Patches

Trim 24 seven diet patches contain two different kinds of naturally occurring caffeine, kelp, flaxseed oil, amino acids and minerals.

Unlike many diet patches, Trim 24 seven have chosen to disclose the amount of each ingredient that is contained in each patch. Keep in mind however that this does not necessarily mean that is the amount your body will absorb, as that also depends on your body chemistry and how a particular patch is made.

Trim 24 Seven Side-effects

The main active ingredient in Trim 24 seven patches is kelp, a kind of seaweed that has high concentrations of iodine. If you have a thyroid disorder, this product should be avoided as it can cause serious side effects.

If you do not have a thyroid problem, excess iodine can also cause serious health problems because at high levels, iodine becomes toxic.

Additionally, large amounts of caffeine can cause problems for people who are sensitive to it’s effects.

Should you buy Trim 24 Seven patches

Despite the fact that Trim 24 seven patches use a delivery system that is both effective and discrete, there is no research that supports the claims that the ingredients have any effect.

Caffeine does indeed increase metabolic rate but your body quickly becomes tolerant of it and resets the metabolism to it’s original rate. Kelp has has a history of suggesting that it is effective for weight loss then proving that it can be toxic if taken in large concentrations.

It’s simply not worth risking your health for a product when you can easily find a 100% natural weight loss patch that do not have side effects.

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