Thermobol Review

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Thermobol diet pill review

Thermobol is a “fat-loss support formula” that is manufactured in the UK by Maximuscle.

Maximuscle produce a number of supplements, Thermobol being their main one, and is allegedly both a fat burner and metabolism booster and has been popular with body builders.

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What is Thermobol

The manufacturer also explains that Thermobol is meant to supplement a change in eating habits and addition of regular physical activity.

The ingredients in Thermobol include two forms of caffeine, amino acids and botanical extracts. The primary ingredient is bitter orange extract, which is widely used as a stimulant and appetite suppressant.

In addition, Thermobol contains green tea, black pepper extract and guarana, which is another form of naturally occurring caffeine.

Thermobol Side-effects

When the controversial ingredient ephedra was banned as a weight loss product, many companies turned to bitter orange extract as a substitute. Unfortunately, the substitute ingredient is now showing evidence that it has some of the same harmful side effects and has been found to cause strokes and colitis.

Aside from the effects of this stimulant, Thermobol side effects can include cardiac and blood pressure problems, even in seemingly healthy individuals.

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Does Thermobol Fat Burner Work?

While Thermobol might help curb your appetite, boost your energy and stimulate a bit of weight loss, it comes at a cost. Over time, your body will acclimate to the ingredients and they will no longer be effective in increasing metabolism and providing extra energy. There are also serious risks involved in ingesting several of the ingredients and a single dose can provide enough caffeine to cause heart palpitations.

Consider drinking a cup of coffee prior to physical activity, as it is far safer than using Thermobol and does not contain the other potentially dangerous ingredients. You can experience similar effects and lose weight gradually and permanently with a fat burning product that is both safe and effective.

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