TestoRipped Review

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Testoripped diet pill review

TestoRIPPED is a weight loss supplement that is made specifically for men over the age of 18 who are interested in increasing their muscular development.

According to the manufacturer and TestoRIPPED reviews, this product allegedly increases the amount of testosterone available in the body which enhances weight loss and reveals lean body mass. This product is moderately priced at about $50 for a month’s supply of capsules.

Is TestoRIPPED strong enough to match the best fat burners on the market? We reveal the pros and cons of this fat burner for men.

What is TestoRipped?

Among the many ingredients in TestoRIPPED is caffeine accompanied by several different botanical extracts and amino acids. The main active ingredient is tribulus terrestris, the extract of a plant that is believed to increase both libido and testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, research performed to test these claims has shown that while tribulus terrestris may cause a slight increase in libido, it does not have an effect on testosterone. The manufacturer relies heavily on the caffeine in this product to boast TestoRIPPED’s ability to provide increased energy and improved mood.

TestoRipped side effects

Despite the claims that this product is both safe and effective, there are several TestoRIPPED side effects. If you have any preexisting heart, thyroid or blood pressure problems, you should avoid this product, as several of it’s ingredients can make these worse.

Indeed, this product is banned for sale in Australia and New Zealand because of concerns about it’s effects on the liver and kidneys.

TestoRipped really work?

Even if you examined TestoRIPPED exclusive of it’s potential harmful effects, you would find that there is no scientific evidence that the ingredients in this product will help you lose weight and increase muscle mass.

While you may experience increased libido and temporarily improved energy levels, these effects will wane over time and so will your motivation when the product stops providing any results.

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