T5 Fat Burner Review

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T5 fat burner diet pill review

T5 Fat Burner by Evo Labs is marketed as the “most extreme weight loss complex available.” and customer reviews claim that it has helped them lose up to seven pounds in a week.

The manufacturer certainly doesn’t hide the fact that this product relies heavily on the many stimulants it contains. T5 fat Burner is a moderately priced product that costs approximately $30 for a month’s supply.

Can T5 Fat Burners help you lose fat this fast? Our T5 Fat Burner review reveals the truth behind this supplement.

What is T5 Fat Burner?

In an effort to align the active ingredient in T5 Fat burner with the now widely banned ephedra, the manufacturer refers to it as Forza HCl.

Ephedrine was, in fact, known as ephedrine HCl however the ingredient in T5 is actually Ma Huang which is it’s herbal equivalent. Evo Labs T5 Fat burner also contains several other sources of caffeine (Green Tea, Guarana) as well as other herbal substances.

T5 Fat Burner side effects

Unfortunately, although T5 Fat Burner ingredients are legal for sale, they can have substantial side effects. Ma Huang in particular has nearly the same side effect profile as it’s banned cousin ephedra, which resulted in several deaths.

Adding even more stimulant ingredients in this product only makes it more dangerous and from reading customer reviews, it’s clear that the main reason for taking T5 is for the “buzz” and not weight loss.

Does T5 Fat Burner work?

Choosing to take some T5 Fat Burners can be compared to playing Russian Roulette with your health.

Imagine consuming several large cups of coffee all at once, then trying to function and concentrate while your heart races. This effect alone can be the reason why people lose their appetite, because their body is focused on trying to restore it’s balance and shuts down unnecessary functions such as digestion temporarily.

Many products like T5 Fat Burner are sold from overseas manufacturers, mainly because they would never pass through the US FDA because they are simply dangerous.

If you want a strong and fast acting fat burner that is safe and clinically proven and a recogised T5 slimming pill brand, we would suggest an alternative T5 fat burner, such as Forza T5 Super Strength.

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