SlimQuick Review

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SlimQuick diet pill review

SlimQuick Diet Pills are specifically marketed towards women, claiming that the ingredients in this product are able to help women slim down in their “problem areas”.

The manufacturer of this product explains that women store fat in certain areas, due to the activity of hormones and that SlimQuick is able to adjust their balance.

SlimQuick falls in the moderate range in terms of cost at approximately $35 for a month’s supply. The question though is does SlimQuick for Women actually work?

What is SlimQuick?

This product is comprised mainly of caffeine in several different forms, along with vitamins, minerals and several different botanical extracts.

Although some of the botanicals, such as soy isoflavones, are well known in holistic treatment of female specific health problems, the manufacturer does not specify the exact purpose of every ingredient. It is therefore difficult to tell why Slimquick is geared specifically for women.

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SlimQuick Side effects

SlimQuick for women comes with a fairly long list of potential side effects and warnings. Several of the precautions refer to the caffeine in the product, with a recommendation not to use it if you are sensitive to the effects of stimulants.

Oddly enough, the other warnings are for women who have health problems that are not necessarily specific to women, such as prostate problems. At the same time, the maker of this product proudly claims that it can reduce the troubling symptoms of PMS, such as water weight retention and mood irregularities.

Does SlimQuick for Women work?

The manufacturer of SlimQuick for women seems to have lost sight of the target audience for their product. There is no evidence provided to support the claims that the ingredients work any differently on fat deposits that tend to occur specifically in women.

Aside from the caffeine, which will moderately stimulate the metabolism for a very short time, there is no genuine reason why you would choose to purchase what is essentially vitamins, minerals and a few extracts that you could buy at a local health food store.

We do not recommend SlimQuick for Women and regard the focus on women as more marketing gimmick than containing any substance!

If you are looking for a fat burner that will reduce your excess fat we would suggest looking at a gender neutral fat burner that has strong ingredients to do the job!

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