Slim Form Diet Patch Review

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Slim form diet patch review

Weight loss patches provide an easy to remember, easy to use delivery of a supplement and many manufacturers are creating versions of their product in patch form.

Slim Form Patch is one such product and according to the maker, will suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism and even get rid of toxins in your body.

Is this the best weight loss patch around? Our Slim Form Patch review gives you the information to decide.

What is Slim Form Patch

Slim Form Diet Patch contains marine algae as it’s active ingredient. This weight loss patch also contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and iodine.

The patch itself is small enough not to be detected when worn discretely and each patch is meant to be worn for three days. When a new patch is applied, the replacement must be placed elsewhere on the body, to prevent irritation.

Slim Form Patch Side-effects

Although there is one main ingredient in Slim Form Diet Patch, there are actually two sources of iodine and this can cause serious problems in people who have thyroid problems or are on thyroid medication.

Excess intake of iodine in healthy people with no history of thyroid disease has also been shown to cause symptoms of iodine toxicity. People who have allergies to iodine should also use caution when considering this kind of product.

Does Slim Form Patch Work

Marine algae is actually used in modern medicine as a treatment for various thyroid related problems but should only be taken under a physician’s care.

The evidence provided by research that is referred to on the Slim Form Diet Patch website is actually factual in that taking extra iodine will cause an increase in metabolism. It will also cause some very serious problems as it quickly reaches levels that are toxic to the body.

Slim Form has more potential as a toxin than it does a weight loss supplement, despite the fact that it comes in a form that is easy to use and discrete.

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