Slim Bombs Review

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Slim Bomb diet pill review

Slim Bombs weight loss tablets are a product made in the UK that contain a metabolic enhancer and appetite suppressant, and other plant-based extracts.

The pills are easily identified by their bright blue coloring and have been available for use in the UK for several years.

We review Slim Bombs to see if they it can work as well as their name suggests and be the answer to your weight loss dreams.

What are Slim Bombs?

Slim Bombs contain guarana, a strong stimulant that is believed to both increase your metabolism and decrease food cravings. If you are sensitive to the stimulating effects of caffeine, Slim Bombs may cause an unwanted reaction such as nervousness.

The manufacturer of Slim Bombs remains elusive about the content of the supplement, so it is therefore unknown how much of each ingredient you are receiving when taking it. Both caffeine and green tea extract can easily be found in most grocery or health food stores, without additional ingredients and for a much lower cost than Slim Bombs.

Cha De Bugre, another “exotic” ingredient in this product, is a Brazilian herb that supposedly suppresses your appetite. As it turns out, not only do you not know how much of this herb is in Slim Bombs, they fail to disclose that Cha De Bugre is also a natural source of caffeine.

Will Slim Bombs Work?

The manufacturer does not reveal the amounts of any of the ingredients in the capsules but claims that if you use it, you can expect to lose 10-20 pounds in approximately 2 months time. It is interesting to point out that this claim is made without any suggestion for changes in your eating habits or adopting an exercise plan.

In effect, considering that the rest of the ingredients in this product are inert, if you purchase Slim Bombs you are paying far more than you should for what is essentially a caffeine pill. Caffeine has been found to have some effectiveness in helping people lose weight. It has a combination of effects on the body, including increasing heart rate, metabolism and blood pressure.

Caffeine can also have unwanted and sometimes dangerous effects on people who are sensitive to it and it is concerning that this product does not reveal the amount of caffeine it contains.

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