Slim 10 Review

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Slim10 diet pill review

Several manufacturers of weight loss products are purchasing patents on names of ingredients that are commonly used in these supplements.

Slim 10 diet pill is just one of those products and it’s manufacturer claims that it is unique because it contains ten name-patented ingredients.

Slim 10 is certainly not cheap, costing approximately $75 for a month’s supply. Is this weight loss pill worth it? Our Slim 10 reviewreveals why your better off looking elsewhere!

What is Slim 10

Just because a product contains ingredients that have patented names surely does not imply that they act any differently than they do in other products under their original name. Slim 10 ingredients are simple and not unique and include chromium, botanical extracts and hoodia gordonii.

The only ingredient in this product that has scientific evidence to support it’s effectiveness is hoodia, a safe natural product that has been used for numerous purposes but better known for suppressing appetite

Slim 10 side effects

Aside from the hoodia in Slim 10, several of the other ingredients can cause serious health problems. Individuals who have sensitivity to stimulants such as caffeine should avoid taking Slim 10.

Other potential adverse effects from taking Slim 10 include changes in levels of thyroid hormones and blood sugar, both of which pose a significant risk for coma and even death. If you are taking prescription medications, be aware that fiber ingredients can inhibit their absorption in your digestive system.

Does Slim 10 work

Hoodia gordonii is the sole ingredient in Slim 10 that has scientific support however the manufacturer fails to substantiate the quality of the hoodia. Not all hoodia is the same and inferior quality and ineffective quantities render this product’s efficacy as questionable at best. For hoodia to work you need fully certified pure hoodia that has CITES certificate of authenticity.

The remaining ingredients are far easier to find at a lower cost by purchasing them at a local health food store and you can then avoid ingesting large quantities of unnecessary caffeine.

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