Slendex Review

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Selndex diet pill review

Slendex is a fiber-based weight loss supplement that does not contain any stimulants. Taken a half hour before each meal, Slendex’s maker claims it will create a feeling of fullness and break down fat molecules.

This product is manufactured in the UK, but is widely available for sale and shipping to residents of the US.

Our Slendex review reveals the truth about this fiber diet pill.

Whats in Slendex

Slendex contains two different types of fiber, an amino acid and chromium picolinate. Although the makers of this product disclose the specific ingredients, they do not offer any information as to how much of each ingredient is present in each pill.

Slendex Side-effects

Fiber is an important component of the natural foods we eat but when it is ingested in large concentrations, it can cause problems for some people. Too much fiber can prevent your digestive system from getting nutrients from the foods you eat, posing a threat of nutritional deficiencies.

If you have illnesses such as diverticulosis, fiber particles can become trapped in the colon and cause inflammation and infection. Lastly, several prescription and over the counter medications react badly with chromium picolinate, rendering them either ineffective or toxic.

Does Slendex Really Work?

Chromium picolinate has been found to have some positive effects in balancing blood sugar levels however it is a substance that has produced some controversial results in research studies and physician reports.

Slendex weight loss supplement is little more than a fiber pill. Despite the manufacturer’s claims, none of the ingredients in this product have been proven to increase metabolism or break down fat. Chromium picolinate has, at best, mixed results in balancing blood sugar levels and is potentially dangerous for individuals who are taking medications. The site suggests the supplement be combined with eating in moderation which, in and of itself, will cause you to lose weight.

Nothing about Slendex suggests that it is worth the cost, since you could purchase all the ingredients for far less in a grocery or health food store.

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