SlendeSlim Review

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Slendeslim diet pill review

SlendeSlim suggests that you imagine losing up to 7 pounds in a week without effort. They also suggest that their product is scientifically proven to be the strongest fat burner ever made.

Slendeslim is moderately priced at about $50 for a month’s supply and contains seven ingredients in formulations that the manufacturer has patented.

Can SlendeSlim’s patented ingredients help you lose weight or they are just the usual weight loss ingredients? Our SlendeSlim review gives you the answer you need to make an informed choice.

What is SlendeSlim

Despite the unique names for the SlendeSlim ingredients, they are actually all commonly found in other weight loss products under different names. Many manufacturers choose to patent new names for ingredients in order to separate their identity from that of other products. Slendeslim contains a variety of botanicals, vitamins, minerals, fiber and caffeine.

The maker of SlendeSlim has provided citations and links to research studies that supposedly support each ingredient’s effectiveness however, several of the studies cannot be accessed.

Side effects with SlendeSlim

Several of the ingredients in SlendeSlim can cause serious side effects. The large amount of caffeine alone can cause insomnia and heart palpitations and this product should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

In addition, some of the other ingredients have been known to affect blood sugar and hormone levels, creating a dangerous imbalance.

Does SlendeSlim work?

Slendeslim’s maker certainly makes some significant claims about the effectiveness of their product but does Slendeslim work? The scientific evidence that is provided is financed by the manufacturer and administered in private laboratories. If Slendeslim did indeed help people lose weight, the research would have been performed on the product as a whole and not each ingredient.

No unbiased research evidence exists to support Slendeslim’s ability to induce weight loss and any increase in metabolism can be attributed to a short acting stimulant effect from the caffeine.

In short, Slendeslim is a way to pay a lot of money for a little additional fiber and a lot of unnecessary caffeine.

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