Size Zero Diet Pill Review

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size zero diet pills
Size zero diet pill review

The Size Zero diet pill is the next much hyped miracle celebrity diet product to reach the market. By taking Size Zero pill the manufacturers suggest that you can quickly fit into Size 0 supermodel clothes!

There are some serious concerns with using Size 0 though and we would strongly recommend reading our review before considering taking this product!

What is Size Zero Diet Pill?

Size Zero is not the first “weight loss beauty pill” on the market, other pills such as Orovo have attempted to entice women to have model-like physiques!

Looking into Size Zero in more detail and you quickly find that it is like most fat burners and contains ingredients designed to increase metabolism.

What sets this diet pill apart from others is the inclusion of a so called “Beauty Complex”, which is designed to improve your natural beauty and an “estrogen support complex”.

Despite sounding like the perfect supplement, the reality is that Size Zero is no miracle pill, keep reading to see why.

Size Zero Ingredients

There are quite a number of ingredients in the Size Zero pill, namely:

  • Caffeine and green tea extract – Thermogenic ingredients used to increase metabolism and fat burning
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Strong source of caffeine
  • Cha de Bugre – Brazilian herb thought to break down fat in the body
  • Beauty Support Blend – a blend of horsetail leaf extract, collagen, choline, hyaluronic acid, silica, inositol, biotin, l-cycsteine, l-methionine, coenzyme Q10 and chamomile flower leaf extract

Size Zero Side-effects

The risk of heart attack (Tachycardia) is one potential side-effect from using Size Zero diet pills. Milder side-effects could include panic attacks and severe anxiety.

Size Zero for Weight Loss?

We would STRONGLY NOT recommend using the Size Zero diet pill to help you loss weight. The ingredients are simply too strong and have the potential for too many side-effects to be recommended for safe weight loss!

With so many ingredients packed into each pill there tend to be insignificant amounts of each, so it is unlikely to contain enough to have any affect.

There is a lack of sufficient scientific evidence supporting the use of Size Zero for weight loss – so why take the risk on a diet pill that may not work?

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