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Sensa diet sprinkle kit review

The sprinkle diet promises an innovative approach to weight loss. In the same way as you would add salt or pepper you sprinkle Sensa over your food!

Sensa is certainly a unique approach to the problem of weight loss, but does it offer a truly long term solution?

Our review of Sensa uncovers the benefits and pitfalls of using this product – and more importantly addresses whether you can lose weight with sensa.

What is Sensa?

The sprinkle diet was developed by Dr. Hirsch who focuses his studies on taste and smell. The sprinkles are supposed to heighten the flavour of the food, so making sweets more sweeter and salty food saltier, the result is to trick your brain into thinking you’re full.

The idea beyond Sensa is a simple but novel approach to weight loss. Prior to eating, you sprinkle Sensa over your meal and the patent-pending technology gets to work by interacting with your smell and taste senses. According to the manufacturers, over time consumers moderate their food intake which further helps you to lose weight.

So unlike other appetite suppressants that contain hoodia, Sensa makes you feel full faster by stimulating the part of your brain that tells your body it’s time to stop eating.

Sensa ingredients

The official website states that Sensa contains the following ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin – food additive often with a sweet taste (often incorrectly assumed to contain MSG)
  • Tricalcium Phosphate – used in powdered spices as an anti-caking agent
  • Silica – common flow agent in powdered foods
  • FD&C; Yellow 5 – Yellow colouring food additive
  • Carmine – used in the manufacture of food additives
  • Contains Soy and Milk ingredients
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors

Most of the ingredients are fairly basic food additives – designed to heighten your taste sensations. Although fewer calories than suger, we wonder if the same effects could be obtained using traditional sweeteners.

Sensa does not contain Hoodia, a proven natural ingredient used in many appetite suppressants. For more information on hoodia based appetite suppressants.

Negatives with the Sprinkle Diet

Consumers of Sensa have commented on the change in the taste of your food after using the sprinkles. Artificially changing the taste of your meal is for most people an undesirable outcome, as for most people you are losing the true taste of your meal.

Using a diet pill that works directly on reducing your food cravings by blocking sensations of hunger is a more effective way of suppressing your appetite.

Can Sensa help you to lose weight?

Using an appetite suppressant is an effective way to reduce the number of calories consumed, in turn helping you to lose weight. Looking at the ingredients in Sensa its difficult to see how they will help you to lose weight!

Using a lower calorie sweetener instead of sugar, such as Maltodextrin, will indeed reduce the number of calories consumed, how this will lead to substantial weight loss is hard to say! So Sensa is an expensive sweetener and other articificial sweeteners are far cheaper.

The main clinical study backing the effectiveness of Sensa undertaken by the manufacturers, claims 1,400 men and women lost 30 pounds of weight over a period of 6 months. This claim has been heavily questioned and criticized- a news clip by the ABC News 20/20 team have questioned whether Sensa really worked, suggesting there is no clinical evidence that it works!.

With the lack of credibility for Sensa as a weight loss aid we would suggest looking at other proven appetite suppressants.

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