San Tight Xtreme Review

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San tight xtreme diet pill review

San Tight Xtreme is a weight loss product manufactured in the UK that claims it will produce hard core fat loss along with additional energy for physical activity.

This is a supposed “synergistic formulation” that the manufacturer claims is an ideal combination of ingredients that work together to burn fat safely.

We reveal if San Tight Xtreme is aany good and if it really does work. Continue reading our San Tight Xtreme review to find out!

What is San Tight Xtreme

San Tight Xtreme is a moderately priced weight loss supplement, most likely because it contains very few ingredients.

This product delivers several different kinds of caffeine, along with amino acids. This is basically a legal combination of several kinds of stimulants, some of which are under scrutiny for dangerous side effects.

This fact might also explain the apparent discrepancy in the manufacturer’s production of a product in a country in which it cannot legally be shipped.

San Tight Xtreme Side-effects

San Tight Xtreme promises an adrenaline rush when taking it and that is certainly an understatement. Packed with 200mg of caffeine per dose, it is highly advised that individuals who have sensitivity to stimulants, heart, anxiety or blood pressure problems avoid taking this product.

This product also contains synephrine, an ingredient that is commonly used as a substitute for the now banned ephedra. Unfortunately, synephrine has the same side effect profile as ephedra which makes it a very dangerous substance.

Does San Tight Xtreme Work

The effectiveness of San Tight Xtreme is questionable, since it’s literally a stimulant and little else. As with any stimulant, your body will quickly become immune to any initial effects and you will require more of the product in order to feel what you felt the first time you used it.

This is a potentially dangerous proposition, since increasing amounts also increase the risk of severe side effects. Any weight you might lose when beginning to use this supplement will level out and it will no longer be effective.

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