Pure Slim Plus Weight Loss Patch Review

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Pure slim weight loss patch review

Pure Slim is manufactured in the UK and is an example of a new breed of slimming patches that take the hassle of remembering to take a pill.

Instead of traditional oral diet pills, Pure Slim transdermal patches are used to deliver a continuous dose through the skin. Pure Slim explains that it’s patch allows your body to utilize more of the supplement because it bypasses the digestive system.

We review Pure Slim to see if its the best slimming patch on the market?

What is Pure Slim?

Pure Slim Patches are easy to use and only need to be applied once daily. The patch is waterproof and can be worn all day and removed easily in the evening.

The Pure Slim Patch comes combined with a sensible diet and exercise program. The manufacturer cites the results of studies that examined the effectiveness of this product in helping people lose weight.

It was reported that in one study, one hundred overweight subjects used the patch in a 60 day study, resulting in a mean loss of approximately 13% of their mean baseline weight. The report was not specific in regards to what the 13% translated to and how many participants actually did lose weight.

Ingredients in Pure Slim Patches

The ingredients in Pure Slim Diet Patches include a sea plant extract, amino acids, minerals and flaxseed oil. The product manufacturer claims that these ingredients will help you burn fat, lose weight, stabilize blood sugars and even prevent the decline of serotonin levels in the brain, which supposedly drop when you are on a diet. Lecithin and flaxseed are sources of essential fatty acids, the healthy fat your body needs to stay balanced.

In addition, Pure Slim Diet Patches contain guarana, a strong stimulant that can cause adverse effects in people who are sensitive to caffeine and similar substances. Interestingly enough, the manufacturer claims that the patch does not contain any stimulant ingredients.

Pure Slim the Best Slimming Patch?

We initially thought that Pure Slim had great potential to be an effective diet slimming patch as the use of a transdermal patch may be easier for some people than taking a pill.

However, if you read the Pure Slim review on the manufacturer site, it is difficult to clarify what the product ingredients are actually doing for you. Rather than explain the logic behind the combination of ingredients, the site simply explains what effect each ingredient has been found to produce on it’s own.

Despite the insistence of the site that there are no stimulant ingredients, guarana is indeed a stimulant and may actually be more stimulating through a patch that bypasses any digestion. In our opinion Pure slim has not provided adequate warnings for individuals who are sensitive to stimulant products.

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