Pink Patch Review

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Pink patch diet patch review

The Pink Diet Patch promises to make you skinny, boost your immune system and even lower your cholesterol.

There has certainly been a massive rise in the popularity of weight loss patches recently, mostly because they are so easy to use.

Can you really get skinny with the Pink Patch? Read more as we reveal more in our Pink Patch review.

What is Pink Diet Patch?

The Pink Diet Patch is a weight loss patch that is targeted directly at women, using very female friendly marketing (and colours!). There is even an image saying “Cute little dress approved” on their website!!!

To get the benefits of this product you simply apply a patch in the morning before changing and the ingredients work thoughout the day by passing directly through your skin into your bloodstream.

Ingredients in Pink Patch

The main ingredient is a type of seaweed (kelp) called Fucus Vesiculosus. Other ingredients include caffeine, lecithin, flaxseed oil and Yerba Mate. The quantities of each ingredient is not revealed by the manufacturer!

Side effects of Pink Diet Patch

The manufacturer of the Pink Patch does not highlight any side effects from using their patches. We would like to make you aware that as the patch contains caffeine if you are sensitive to stimulants this may adversely affect you.

Does Pink Patch work?

There is no scientific evidence quoted by the manufacturer to back up the weight loss claims made. Looking at the ingredients reveals that the main method used to promote weight loss is from caffeine. Caffeine is not an effective means to lose weight and any benefits are only short lived as your body will get used to it fairly quickly.

WARNING: Pink Diet Patch operate a free trial offer – these are often very deceiving and often unassociated costs are soon added to your bill! We prefer a more open billing solution where you know the cost from the beginning.

We would not recommend the Pink Diet Patch and would suggest looking at other weight loss patches or fat burning diet pills.

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