Phosphacore Review

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Phosphacore diet pill review

Phosphacore Maximum Strength is a weight loss supplement in capsule form that allegedly can help you lose up to an inch of belly fat each month.

The manufacturer also claims this product will burn 900% more fat each week compared to not taking it!

At 1/4″ lost per week according to the website, this means you will lose a total of 225 inches a week? All kidding aside, the makers of Phosphacore might want to rethink their maths.

Does Phosphacore work at all or is this just marketing hype? We reveal the truth about Phosphacore in our review.

What is Phosphacore?

The key ingredients in Phosphacore are vitamin C, Phosphatidylserine and Linoleic Acid. This product does not contain any kind of ingredient that has stimulant properties.

Linoleic Acid is derived from meat or dairy products and individuals with any allergies to these products should avoid Phosphacore. Phosphatidylserine is also derived from meat products however more recently it is manufactured from soybeans.

Side-effects of Phosphacore

There are several concerns about the potential side effects of Phosphacore. Linoleic acid can induce insulin resistance or make it worse, potentially leading to diabetes. This ingredient has also been found to increase levels of oxidation in the body that are even higher than those caused by smoking cigarettes.

Phosphatidylserine has not been shown to have significant adverse effects however it also has not been shown to have any significant benefits.

Does Phosphacore work?

The fact is, the ingredients in Phosphacore have not been shown to be effective in helping people lose weight. Certainly not even a fraction of the supposed 900% they claim you will lose, compared to not taking their product.

If you wanted to test out their claims, you could simply increase your intake of foods rich in Phosphatidylserine, such as mackerel and white beans. Both of these natural sources actually provide more Phosphatidylserine than Phosphacore does and without having to pay to get it in pill form.

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