Phenphedrine Review

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Phenphedrine diet pill review

The manufacturers of Phenphedrine are certainly creative in their advertising, describing the battle to lose weight as a showdown between stress hormones and stimulants in the body.

The claim is that Phenphedrine helps increase the amount of stimulation and decreases stress hormone levels, theoretically causing you to lose weight.

Phenphedrine looks similar to Nuphedragen in terms of packaging and in terms of function, but do they actually work?

What is Phenphedrine?

As one would expect, the main active ingredients in Phenphedrine are stimulants, including caffeine and several other botanicals that have effects very similar to the banned ingredient ephedra.

In fact, several of the ingredients in this product are used in conjunction with other substances as a form of pharmaceutical recreation.

Phenphedrine side-effects

Phenphedrine’s ingredients have the potential to cause several side effects. People who are prone to anxiety should avoid this product due to it’s stimulant properties. Additionally, some of the ingredients can cause problems in individuals who have gallbladder or kidney disease.

If you are already taking any form of medication, it’s a good idea to use caution with Phenphredine, as it can interact with many drugs.

Does Phenphedrine work?

The true test of any weight loss product is whether it actually delivers on it’s promises. Stimulants do indeed have the ability to increase heart rate, blood pressure and thus, metabolism.

These effects however, cannot be maintained by the body for extended periods of time without negative effects. Your body rather quickly, becomes immune to the stimulant effects, in an effort to protect itself.

Should you Buy Phenphedrine

The strong stimulant effects of Phenphedrine will likely induce initial weight loss, much of it water. The product will also produce temporary feelings of euphoria, similar to the effects of drinking coffee in the morning. As a consequence, you will probably also increase the amount of physical activity in your life, causing yet more weight loss.

Once these temporary effects wear off however, you will be left wondering why you spent your hard earned money on this product.

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