Nuphedragen Review

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Nuphedragen diet pill review

Nuphedragen is touted as the only weight loss supplement that has been chemically changed to have the same effect as an amphetamine without the danger.

The bottles of Nuphedragen certainly look striking, but are they safe and do they actually work?

What is Nuphedragen?

Nuphedragen is a fat burner that claims to help you increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite, all aimed to help shed those excess pounds.

The ingredients in Nuphedragen include several sources of caffeine, a stimulant that is alleged to have appetite suppressant properties. The product also contains amino acids and a substance known as synephrine, a fruit extract that is chemically similar to ephedrine.

The manufacturer explains that the formula behind their product addresses a chemical imbalance in your brain that causes you to be hungry when you should not be.

Although this is touted as a unique formula, another product named Fenphedra contains exactly the same ingredients.

How Does Nuphedragen Fat Burner Work?

Supposedly, Nuphedragen provides stimulants in order to boost your metabolism, decrease appetite and cause excess calories to be utilized by the muscles, rather than being stored as body fat.

The amino acids are part of the formula in that they are meant to inhibit the release of stress hormones. The manufacturer suggests that stress hormones cause a drop in metabolic rate and body temperature and causes increased appetite.

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Nuphedragen Side-effects

Despite the complicated explanations, the truth is that increased stress actually increases metabolic rate. Additionally, the stimulants in the product will naturally increase metabolism and temperature for a short period of time and can also cause serious side effects in individuals who have certain health problems.

Anyone taking prescription medications should be very cautious about a product like Nuphedragen because it can cause unwanted interactions.

Recomend Nuphedragen

The story behind the combination of ingredients in Nuphedragen is more of a distraction from the simple truth that the claims of it’s effect are unsubstantiated.

Using the chemical names of common ingredients like caffeine does not change the fact that they are not effective in helping you lose weight permanently.

Alternative Fat Burner

If you are looking for a strong fat burner that is clinically proven, yet safe safe and easy to use, we would not recommend taking Nuphedragen.

Other fat burners, such as Phen24 contain scientifically proven ingredients that are more effective than Nuphedragen’s mostly caffeine ingredients.

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