Noxycut Review

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Noxycut diet pill review

Most weight loss supplements are marketed specifically toward women but occasionally a product will be created that addresses men’s weight concerns.

Noxycut Fat Burner is one such product that claims men who use it will not experience weight loss but instead, fat loss and more clearly defined muscles. This product is moderately priced at approximately $35 for a six week supply.

So can Noxycut make you lean and ripped? Our Noxycut reviewreveals the insider truth to this fat burner.

What is Noxycut fat burner

Noxycut contains several sources of caffeine, as well as botanical extracts. Most notably, this product contains Tribulus Terrestris, a plant extract and dietary supplement that the manufacturer claims will increase libido while increasing muscle mass and boosting mood.

It is speculated that Tribulus Terrestris helps the body to increase testosterone levels, thus theoretically increasing the effects of testosterone on the body.

Noxycut Side effects

Any substance, natural or synthetic, that can effect hormone levels is potentially dangerous and raises the question whether Noxycut is safe. Women are advised not to take Noxycut, as well as men already receiving hormone therapies or who have preexisting health problems.

The caffeine in Noxycut can also cause side effects such as anxiety and insomnia and should be avoided if you are susceptible to the effects of stimulants.

Does Noxycut work?

The statements made by the makers of Noxycut are, for the most part, very misleading. The only one of the claims that is supported by scientific evidence is that Noxycut will increase libido, due to the effect of tribulus terrestris on androgen receptors in the brain.

Any studies that have been done on tribulus terrestris’ effects on muscle mass have shown it to be ineffective in stimulating any increased growth. The caffeine in the product can be blamed for any loss of inches, due to a strong diuretic effect.

If you are considering Noxycut, save your money and buy a caffeinated drink for the same results – OR consider trying a recommended fat burner that will deliver on their promise of fast, safe weight loss.

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